Have you been thinking about getting a nanny to help out with the children and around the house? Are you perhaps a little bit distressed with, or even intimidated by, the task of selecting a nanny that would fulfill your requirements. After all, there are so many items on the agenda when it comes to selecting the person who would be the proper fir for your household. Well, take a deep breath and relax. Why? Because there are nanny services available that take a big chunk of the stress out of the process of  choosing a nanny. Let's see how these services can help you.


First of all, what are the benefits of using a nanny service? Are they really worth the expense it will undoubtedly cost to have them find you a nanny? Consider what they can do for you. The nanny service should have available a list of potential nannies who have been thoroughly vetted by the agency itself. They should have already had interviews, background checks, and screening that will make it much easier for you to select the right person to fulfill your needs. The agency has valuable expertise in writing contracts between employers and nannies and should be able to offer you valuable insight into all aspects of your agreement with your nanny. They should be able to guide you in such areas as hours of work per day, wages, taxes, and benefits. All of these services that the agencies offer should save you valuable time and effort as you seek the right nanny for your home.


As you consider nanny agencies you'll want to do is decide what type service is best for you. Basically, there are two kinds of nanny placement services available to meet your needs, First is the local business enterprise. With this type agency you can make an appointment to go into their office, or they will come to meet with you at your home. If you are the personality type who is more comfortable with one-on-one, face-to-face meetings, then this could very well suit your needs. The other kind of nanny service available is the online placement agency. This service allows you the flexibility of sitting down at your computer at any time and going through the necessary steps to get in touch with a potential nanny candidate. Either of these services can help you accomplish the goal you have in mind: to secure the services of a nanny. Furthermore, sometimes these agencies are blended and offer both of these services to their clients. Here's some tips to consider when dealing with either of these type agencies.


  • Investigate the policies of the agency. How thorough is their background checking and interviewing techniques? Does their vetting process include criminal history and credit checking? Do they contact former employers?
  • If you engage their services, will they provide just one or two candidates? Or, will they continue to supply applicants until you are absolutely convinced about who you should hire?
  • How long will it take the agency to provide suitable candidates? Is there a certain time frame in which they require you to make your selection? Will you have to forfeit any monies if you do meet their arbitrary time requirements?
  • If you choose to engage their services, what will they charge you? Will they seek to recover their expenditures of interviewing and checking the background of the person you hire? When are their fees due? Is their fee ongoing; in other words, do they continually charge a fee in addition to the wages of the nanny ad infinitum? Do you pay them and they pay the nanny? Will they handle income taxes and other payroll issues?


There is one other item you will want to find out as you contemplate hiring a nanny service or agency. How thoroughly do they interview and background check you? Some agencies require you to submit to credit checks and even criminal history investigations. Sadly, that's what our society has come to, especially in larger cities. It isn't necessarily right or wrong. But, it is something you'll want to be prepared for in case you have to respond to such a request.


Nanny placement services can be a wonderful tool in helping you locate a nanny to meet your families needs. You can avail yourself of their services to save much time and effort in your search. They can even be a long term asset in handling payroll and tax related issues. Check them out. Maybe they'll be the needed catalyst you require to finally find that perfect nanny for your family.