Using a Nautical Theme to Decorate a Small Space Bathroom

  A nautical theme is one of the more popular bathroom decorating themes, and one easy to work in to a small space bathroom.  Water themes always work well when thinking of themes for bathroom decor, and the same holds true even for a small space bathroom.  No matter how small your bathroom is, with a few simple touches you can have a nautical themed bathroom that will make you feel you've set sail for the seven seas!  Even on a tight budget, some of the items you can purchase are affordable, so you don't have to go overboard on  your credit cards or have an empty wallet afterwards. 

  The first step is working with nautical themed colors when decorating your small space bathroom with this selected theme.  Blue and white, shades of green and turquoise - all those colors shout water.  If you are allowed to paint your bathroom walls, try white with one accent wall one of the other colors, or keep to a light shade of the colors.  Too dark of a color on all of the walls will make your small space bathroom appear that much smaller in size.  If you want a wall with a darker color, try one or two walls with dark navy blue stripes for a jaunty nautical feel.   If you have a shower or tub or both  and are using tiles for the wall behind the shower or tub, shades of these colors will suit the theme perfectly.  If you aren't allowed to paint the walls, such as in an apartment unit, they are probably white - which also works as a good backdrop for nautical themed wall bathroom decor.  Pictures for your bathroom of ships or lighthouses or any ocean theme can be hung, along with a replica of an anchor.  You could also look for replicas of flags from ships to display on a bathroom wall.  Shower curtains with lighthouses, boats, seashells or any ocean scene can be hung.  If you have a window in your bathroom, try matching the curtains to the shower curtains, or, if it's a half bathroom with no shower or tub, go for nautical themed window curtain.

  Every small space bathroom, even a half bathroom, needs towels.  If you are purchasing bath towels, try navy and white towels.  Do the same for hand towels for either type of small space bathroom.  You can find hand towels with anchor prints on them to add to the decor.  Online or in shop mass merchandise stores such as Target or Walmart, or bath specialty stores, carry bathroom rugs and tub mats with nautical themed designs.  A toilet seat with a nautical design can easily be installed. 

  Other small, inexpensive ways to add to a nautical decor for your small space bathroom include using miniature seashells glued to a trashcan, or displayed on a small bathroom accent shelf.  Use a bit of netting on the shelf to cover the shells to add to the theme.  Look for shell shaped soap dishes and little scented soaps in these shapes.  If there is enough room in your bathroom for a small wooden chest that can be decorated as a treasure chest, or a wicker basket to hold towels, try using one or the other.  Replace handles on drawers and knobs on vanity doors with brass ones for a nautical gleam.  Blue Barnacles, an online store, offers lots of nautical decor for the home, including bathrooms.  Sailboat toilet handles made of brass can be purchased there, along with other bathroom nautical decor.

  Try some of these suggestions and in no time at all, you'll have a nautical themed small space bathroom you can sail away with.


Small Space Bathroom Organization Techniques That Work

  There's no need to be tripping over towels and bottles of shampoo or slipping on bars of soap just because you have a small space bathroom!  You can maximize the space available in your small space bathroom through a bit of organization, making your bathroom easier to manage and safer, too.  With a few of these organizational tips and tricks, you can have a small space bathroom that's well organized in no time.

  A good first step is to take a look at the available bathroom organizers that can be used.  For the bathroom sink, no matter what size it is, there are under sink organizers in the form of expandable shelves.  If you have a vanity, make use of these shelves or bins that can be purchased to store extra bottles of shampoos, conditioners, bars of soap - any bathroom and shower necessities.  Other organizers that can be purchased for your bathroom include shower caddies  which can go over a shower head or hook on to a towel rack or even a shower curtain rod.  Some can be fitted into a corner area against the wall on the ledge of your tub.  Suction cup holders can be positioned on a bathtub wall to hold essential shower items.  If you want to minimize organizers on the wall, mounted shampoo and conditioner dispensers are available to buy; these are space saving and efficient.

  After taking care of the tub and shower area, it's time to organize the rest of your small space bathroom.  Around the toilet, a good space saving item is a toilet paper caddy that can hold extra rolls along with the current roll being used.  Magazine holders are available on some of these caddies - a nice extra for some.  Over the toilet stands with shelves, made of plastic or chrome, add extra shelves without taking up additional floor space, perfect in a small space bathroom.  Use the shelves to hold items that may not fit into a small bathroom closet, such as extra towels and rags, or other necessities such as bars of soap, deodorant, combs and other essential items. 

   Over the door towel racks are another way to clear your small space bathroom of clutter and keep it neat and organized.  The racks and rods simply hook over the door; no extra hardware needed.  This gives you those extra rods for hanging towels; some even include a mesh bag at the bottom for dirty towels.  Another option for towels are hinged bars which swing out from the door.  Hinged hooks, regular hooks, and rings can be installed on a wall; another way to take care of hanging towels rather than leaving them wet on the bathroom floor.  If you have enough room in your small space bathroom, a freestanding towel rack is another way to add extra rods for hanging towels.  There are some that take up very little room, making them perfect for a small space bathroom.

  Free wall space can be used for mounted shelf units, giving you additional shelves to organize bathroom necessities.  For organizing for the rest of your small space bathroom, think vanity baskets on the sink, medicine cabinet organizers to keep your medicine cabinet clutter free and in order, and free standing wire shelves or under shelf baskets for the bathroom closet to hold extra bars of soap, wipes, and other useful necessary bathroom essentials.  Online stores such as GetOrganized! offer a wide variety of these small space organizers; they can also be found at any mass merchandise stores such as Target or Walmart.  Many of these organizers are inexpensive and a small price to pay to rid your bathroom of clutter, and keep it organized. 

  Once you are finished getting your small space bathroom organized, you'll find it easier to manage and maneuver through.  Then you can spend some time decorating the bathroom to your heart's content!