Wireless printing allows you to print from anywhere in your home and lets the entire family share a single printer.

Printers are essential modern conveniences, connecting with your computer to offer you the printing in your living room. However, printers can become inconvenient if other member of home has to to print from a notbook or wireless laptop by transporting the files they want to print to a certain computer. Wouldn't it be much better if every computer in the house or could print directly?

In this short guide, you will see how to make a printer available over your home network using Windows xp or windws 7 built-in sharing abilities. Since most of us use USB or parallel connected printers, we are going to assume that this is the same for you. This article assumes that you have a printer correctly installed on a computer and a working network connection to at least one other computer.

Advantage of Wireless Printing:

  • Mobility: Print from anywhere in your home using a notebook PC.
  • Less clutter: Say goodbye to cord clutter and the length of printer cables determining the placement of your office equipment. With wireless, a printer can even be placed out of sight in a closet or back room.
  • Savings: Share a single printer with an entire household or office. Save on the hardware and energy costs it would take to have a printer for each computer.
  • Speed and range: Wi-Fi printing is fast and has a long range of approximately 300 feet.

Things You Will Need

Wireless Network on your Netbook Computer


-A wireless network,

- A computer with a printer attached

-Wi-FI router installed

- A netbook computer.

-You may also need to install printer drivers on the netbook. You can do this either by having the disk that came with your printer, or by downloading the driver online.

Step 1

Steps 1

First you will need to go to the computer that the printer is attached to and share the printer. To do this Go to the control panel and select printers and faxes.

Right click on your printer and choose sharing. This will open the properties box of the device and you should be on the sharing tab. A box will pop up and you will check share this printer, and then click OK. This will allow your printer to be available to your wireless network.

Step 2

It's time to go to reboot your laptop and add the shared printer.

Click start and go to the Control Panel and choose printers and faxes.

Select add a network printer, or a printer attached to another computer. Select next and the browse for a printer should be selected.

Choose the network with the computer that has your shared printer and you should see the name of the printer. Click on it and select next. Connect to printer box will pop up and you will click yes.

The system may automatically download the correct driver and install the printer. If not, you will need to go to the manufacturer's website and download the driver. Be sure to make a note of where the files are downloaded so that you will know where to access them. The add printer wizard will help you with the driver install.

Step 3

Once the printer is added you can print a test page to make sure that everything is working correctly. I love the convenience of being able to print from wherever I am in the house and I'm sure you will love this too.


Tips & Warnings

-Make sure you have printer driver installed on the netbook

-make sure wireless network has good signal.


Windows XP Firewall

The XP firewall should not interfere with internet work communication and printer sharing unless it is mistakenly (or deliberately) activated on a network adaptor that connects to your internal network, not out to the Internet. If you are using the XP firewall to prevent other systems in your network from browsing your computer, you will need to deactivate it in order to share your printer successfully.