Solar panels water heaters are also known as solar hot water systems. These systems are often a great way of saving money whilst generating hot water for your home. It doesn't matter where you live, what country or climate so long as there is some sunshine, then the fuel that solar panels need to make the water heater work is free.

Solar hot water heating systems are mostly made of solar thermal collectors. Solar water heating is made possible through the direct heating of liquids from the sun's rays. You also need a water storage tank with additional inlet and outlet connectors connected to it, and a fluid system to move the heat away from the thermal collectors to the tank. The tanks needed for these systems are well-insulated. Having a well insulated tank is very important.

There are a couple of integral collector-storage systems available. There is the passive system that doesn't have any circulating pumps and controls, and then there is the active solar water heating system that does have all of that, and more.

The passive system works best where temperatures don't fall below freezing. This system is also less costly than active systems. Passive systems rely on the convection currents generated as the water heats. The heated water is less dense and therefore rises, allowing cooler water to enter at the base of the thermal panels. Unfortunately, it isn't as efficient as an active system.

The active solar water heating system comes in two types; the direct circulation system which works well in climates that rarely freeze. And the indirect active circulation system which circulates a non-freeze heat-transfer fluid through each of the collectors and a heat exchanger, which then heats the water that flows into the business or home.

Another example for solar water heating for home or business use is using solar powered systems for under the floor heating. Tanks needed for these systems are well-insulated, with an additional outlet and inlet joined to and from a solar collector. Having a well insulated tank is very important in maintaining the heat of the system. In these systems, water is pumped into solar panels on the roof, where it is heated by the sun. The heated water then travels under the floor allowing the room to heat.

When choosing a solar water heating system, it is a good idea to talk through your ideas with a professional solar systems technician, who can help you work out the correct size system for your location. The technician can also advise on the the best system, and it's energy efficiency, for your home or business. They will help you to estimate and compare the initial outlay of various systems. A solar panel systems technician can help you design your perfect system; they can give you plenty of advice and will have ideas on where to go for good deals.

There are many uses for solar water heating systems, they are very versatile, an additional use is solar thermal cooling systems. A solar water heating system can form part of a cooling system. Solar thermal cooling systems help regulate the temperature in buildings during hot weather. In the winter, solar hot water systems, are able to ensure a swimming pool is usable, by heating the pools' water using solar panels positioned in the sun.