Using a traditional advertising company to drive business to an online company has many benefits. By targeting potential clients using a traditional advertising company and then sending those people to your website you can gain new customers as well as retain your current customers.

Internet based advertising is at an all time high, but many companies neglect traditional advertising companies when they should be using a traditional style ad company.

You can use a traditional advertising company which will create ads based on your brand, and then be able to send those consumers to your website.

One example of a company that uses a traditional advertising company in connection with their web properties is GoDaddy uses a lot of television commercials that are designed specifically for getting people to their website. Once a new visitor is at the website the GoDaddy website is designed to encourage them to buy domain names and hosting.

In one example GoDaddy likes to use traditional media to showcase sexy women and then advertise says you can watch the ending, which is unrated, on their website. People will then go to the GoDaddy website to see the end of the "unrated sexy girls commercial". The TV advertisements can also allude to how easy it is to start your own web based company using their products.

A person then has in the back of their mind a business idea that has been brewing for a while, but they do not know how to get started. A little prodding from a GoDaddy commercial has them go to the GoDaddy website to see a video featuring one of the sexy GoDaddy girls, and the GoDaddy website prods them into picking out a domain name to purchase along with some web hosting.

GoDaddy does a lot of Internet based advertising but they are notorious for their traditional media strategies in which they advertise on television along with other venues such as billboards.

The main purpose of these traditional media advertisements is not to make a sale, it is to build their brand name and recognition of the brand name, and then to drive traffic to their website. The GoDaddy traditional media ads are simply designed to get people to their website. Once on their website they then try to make a sale. The traditional media ads are designed to get people to their website, and the website is designed to make the sales.

Many online web properties neglect traditional media advertising. For some companies a traditional media advertising campaign by an experience ad company is exactly what they need to drive new prospects to their website and then to sell those visitors new products. If done properly, you can create brand loyalty like GoDaddy had among many of their customers.

Bu using a traditional advertising company to dive business to an online company you can reach prospective customers that you would not have been able to find by simply advertising online. Just because you are a web based company does not mean you have to advertise only online.