We've all got some raggedy old furniture, or some furniture that is horribly outdated. Rather than letting your friends and family see what your tastes were like back when you bought the old stuff you can refurbish your furniture with an upholstery stapler. These staplers are easy to use and work on the same general premise as a nail gun.

Having your furniture redone by a professional can be expensive, and buying new furniture can be even more expensive. DIY furniture refurbishing is a cheap and easy project that almost anyone can do.

The first thing to do when using an upholstery stapler for your furniture is to find some new and attractive upholstery. Any crafts store that sells material for furniture will have a nice selection for you to choose from. You do need material that is made specifically for upholstering furniture otherwise it won't wear very well. Choose a good quality and attractive material.

You will need some batting or foam to replace the old cushions. Just take the old material off and measure it. That way you will know the size that you need for your new cushy cushions. Now you won't be using the stapler for your cushions (unless they fix to the wood) so you'll need to sew them, if you are replacing them.

The stapler is used for fixing the material to the back, sides, and bottom of the piece of furniture that you are redoing. Pull the material tight and staple it down. This is the kind of project that really should be practiced a bit before you go hog wild with it. Maybe start with an old couch that you're not terribly attached to and some cheap material and try it out. Once you've done this a few times it becomes easier.

There are two main types of upholstery staplers. An air stapler uses air pressure to shoot the staples firmly into wood, and an electric one which uses electricity. The only problem with an air stapler is that they require an air compressor.