Variation of Words

To get to the top of search results, sellers would squeeze in as many words as they can in the title to describe the item they are selling. When searching for a certain item, you will be able to catch more relevant results by describing the item as the seller would. If you have been shopping on eBay for a while now, then you might have an idea by now how sellers describe their items. If not, then use your imagination.

eBay Search Options

You can also use the synonyms for the items you are searching. For example you can type in mobile phone for cell phone, notebook for laptop, accessories for jewelries. You can also use abbreviations for some of the most popular brands. Alternate spellings can also generate more search words. For instance, you can type wrist watch for wristwatch. You can also include phrases to get more listings for the item you are searching. With wristwatch, you can enter white CK wristwatch or white Calvin Klein wristwatch.

Remember that capitalization does not affect the result of your search. Whether you type the words in mixed case, upper or lower case, the result remains the same. Sellers often use capital letters to emphasize on the feature of the item that they want buyers to notice first. Bold letters immediately catch attention and that is why some item listings are displayed in mixed case.

Using Punctuation Marks

To generate listings of any of the words you have typed in, put them inside the parentheses and use commas to separate them. For example, if you enter necklace earrings bracelet, the search engine will generate listings with titles that include all three terms. You will see listings that sell necklace, earrings, and bracelet at the same time. But the search will not produce listings that sell any of these three items.

By enclosing these three terms in parentheses and dividing them with commas, your search will yield listings that sell necklace, or earrings, or bracelet. Another thing to note is that you can enter more than one set of parentheses in the search box. You can enter (necklace, earrings, bracelet) and (gold, white gold) into eBay's search engine. Using this strategy will yield results that contain listings of any of the items mentioned in the first parentheses and any of the words listed inside the second parentheses. eBay's search engine allows users to enter as many words inside the parentheses and as many parentheses enclosing set of keywords.

If you want to refine your search more, you can use the minus sign to exclude the terms you don't want to appear. For instance, you are looking for a mobile phone. When you search for it, mobile phone batteries and chargers might also be included in the results. To exclude the unwanted items, you can add –batteries or –chargers in your search word. By doing this, these items will no longer be included in the results.

Using an asterisk in your search means a wildcard search. In the result, the asterisk will be replaced with any letter, number or symbol. If you type in "cell phone*", your search will produce "cell phone" and "cell phones". On the other hand, placing quotes around the search words will yield listings that contain titles with the terms in exact order as you type them. So if you enter "green ladies bag", only the listings with titles containing the same exact phrase will be generated. Listings with titles containing all three words but not in the same order will be excluded from the list.

Item Descriptions

eBay Search-Item DescriptionIf you want to get as many results as possible within a category, you can include item descriptions along with the title to widen your search. Below the search box is a checkbox that says "search title and description". To perform a search that includes item description, tick this box before running a search. You will be provided with a longer list of results within the category that you have identified.

Another thing to remember when typing titles in the search box is the inclusion of the letter "s" in the term. That letter can make a big difference so consider carefully before hitting the search button. The use of "and", "or", or "the" can also affect the results. Use any of these words only if you are certain that the title of the item you are looking for has it. These tips can make searching for items on eBay a much simpler concept. In no time at all, you will be surfing the site like a pro.