Three years ago I was devastated when Colin my pet rabbit died. He was already plagued by illnesses because if his old age and leaving was perhaps the only thing that could relieve his pain. Yet like all pet owners, it was a trying moment for me seeing my pet leave. Unwilling to let memories of Colin leave along with his death, I decided to create an eBook to eternalize all the special moments I had with him.

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First, I gathered all the photographs, videos and other clips I had of Colin and I. Scouring through the internet, I found a few eBook creation software that enabled me to create the perfect eBook. Many of them could be downloaded online for free and came along with a myriad of resources. I finally decided on one that was user friendly and could be uploaded into my personal blog for me to share with all my family and friends.

Creating the eBook was not an uphill task. The eBook creation software that I chose had a simple user interface and a guided tutorial in case I needed any help. There was also help from community sites that used this programme. Many of the participants on the community sites were enthusiasts of eBook creation and had plenty of experience creating eBooks. I also drew inspiration from some of these eBook authors through the eBooks they posted up on these communities.

Using the eBook software, I effectively combined pictures together with audio and videos to come up with an eBook that chronicled the story between Colin and I. Starting from the day we first met to the day Colin moved on, the eBook had all the special memories and moments the both if us shared.

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