You can use ecards as gifts. You don't have to spend money, a gift shouldn't be about the price tag. You can make a very meaningful ecard, and that can be quite the hit with this person. It's the thought that really counts, and an ecard is a pretty thoughtful gift. A lot of times when someone buys a gift, lets face it, we don't always put much thought into it. We just think the obvious, and gifts like that can be more boring when they're predictable. I think most majority of people rather have something that means something.

Gifts should provide thought to them. Using a personal touch, or message provides that thought into the gift. Ecards can be used as casual gifts, or as a Valentine gift even. You don't have to spend money, to tell someone what they mean. I personally think time is more valuable than money anyways. Creating an ecard gift requires more time than just going to the store and picking out something.

Step 1 - Use Smilebox. If you want to personalize this ecard, you should try smilebox. It's pretty simple, you can download whether you have a PC, or a Mac. Just go to It's free to download and use.

Step 2 - Add your personal pictures. Whether you want to use pictures of them, or certain ones, go ahead and add them. You can add as many as you like, I believe. This is a great way to really make a great impression on them, so put thought into it. You can upload videos as well, if you'd like.

Step 3 - Choose your layout. They have some different layouts to pick from, and also you can edit where you want your pictures on this ecard as well. Choose something that fits with the topic, whether it's birthday, love, whatever the message that you are trying to send to this person.

Step 4 - Choose your music. You should add music that is fitting to the topic. Especially if this is a romantic ecard, for your girlfriend, or boyfriend. You can pick your own song, or they have a few as well. You have to upgrade to a premium account if you want your own song. It's not real expensive though. Just a few dollars. Otherwise you get only four different selections to pick from.

Step 5 - Write in what you'd like to say to this person. They allow you to get in personal messages to say to this person. Think of something witty, funny, or romantic, depending on who you are targeting in this ecard.