Outdoor lounge chairs can make a patio more usable as well as make it look great. Indeed, modern outdoor lounge chairs have a moved a long way away from the aluminum and plastic lawn furniture of the 1960s. Today's outdoor lounge chairs are substantial furniture as well as being much more decorative. Some have even found high quality outdoor lounge chairs are good enough to use inside the house in a living room or a family room. Why would you want to use outdoor furniture indoors? The major reason is cost. Outdoor lounge chairs tend to be cheaper than their outdoor counterparts. Buying outdoor lounge chairs is great for when don't have a lot of money to spend, if you are living in a temporary situation and don't want to keep the furniture when you move or if you have a room that you expect the furniture to be roughly handled. Outdoor lounge chairs are not as sturdy as traditional couches, but now a day many people are just not interested in furniture that can last for decades. Many prefer to change their styles every few years or so. Outdoor lounge chairs are great for rooms that you know will get a lot of abuse like a party room or a play room for the kids. Also outdoor lounge chairs are built to resist stains from spills so are often easier to clean up.

outdoor lounge chairsTurning outdoor lounge chairs into indoor furniture takes very little work. Most outdoor lounge chairs expose their frames which may not be ideals for all rooms. The easiest solution is to buy or make seat covers that can hide the origin of the furniture. The second step is to add more cushions to the outdoor lounge chairs. These chairs are built for occasional use so they tend to not have the extra comforts of normal chairs. Some fluffy cushions and a throw can really spruce up the outdoor lounge chairs look. Finally, the bottoms of the outdoor lounge chairs should be inspected. Many of these chairs are built to stand on hard wood floors or grass and some materials like metal may damage carpets. The best solution is to add plastic feet covers that are found at your local hardware store to make sure that the carpeting is not damaged.

How to buy outdoor lounge chairs for indoor use

Buying outdoor lounge chairs specifically for use inside the house is much like buying outdoor lounge furniture for the patio. There are many materials to for different needs and styles. If there are children in the house, it is probably better to shop for heavier furniture that will lower the risk of them knocking the chairs over and hurting themselves. For people without children and who entertain often, light weight styles make more sense as they are easier to move around. In any case, shoppers should look for outdoor lounge chairs which will go along with the rest of the room's decor and are comfortable. Shoppers should consider that not all outdoor lounge chairs are built with flame retardant materials. To be safe, shoppers should look on the tags of the outdoor lounge chairs to make sure that they have been treated with flame retardants or to do the treatments themselves. Finally, when shopping for outdoor lounge chairs, it is best to shop on the off seasons such as the fall. There may be less selection at this time, but there are also typically many bargains as the retailers are trying to get rid of extra inventory.