Using the Adapter for HDMI to Connect the iPad to the TelevisionIt was a hoped for facility with the introduction of the iPad two that pleased many, video mirroring via HDMI. Presenters from the worlds of education and business have large flat panel TVs that are perfect for demonstrating stuff, now we can connect the iPad easily. The combination of the iPad version one and the VGA projector in the school was not a huge success for me, to unreliable to use.

The HDMI Digital AV Adapter which is new from Apple allows me to get around that difficulty. It is not necessary to play with a bunch of settings either. Apple promotes plugging in and devices just working as they are supposed to. The applications that will work with the VGA connector kit were restrictive, not very many of them. Sending signals out to the projector or other VGA enabled device was not a high priority for many coders.

Showing the graphics off the iPad on the TV as a mirror of what you’re actually seeing is something altogether different. Connection up the iPad like this will also allow the recording as video what is happening on the iPad. Shame that the taps on buttons or gestures that you use to do things don’t get shown. You would have to set up a camera so that you could see what was going on as some user was doing things.

You will see on the television the same effect of changing from portrait to landscape modes. It is a great feature on the iPad so seeing it on the TV certainly looks superb too. What it comes down to in the end is the experience you are giving when you are sharing what you have to share. In your hotel conference room, in the class with a load of kids or even in your home. Plugging it into a projector with a HDMI socket will be even better if you can find one of those.

iPad 30-pin connector to the adapter and the other end of that has a socket for the HDMI cable that you can get from various sources quite cheaply. It is important that the people looking at the TV will have a good view so check out the longer cables that will let you get out of the way. Hit he power switch for the TV and with the connections all sorted out you can do your show.

Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could do it without having a cable tethering your iPad to the TV. Streaming from the iPad is possible if you have the latest version of the Apple TV. You won’t have the full mirror of what you see on the iPad as you get with the iPad HDMI connector, just the output from some apps.

Having USB on the adapter included is a good thing, a useful addition. It could be very necessary to have access to power to keep the battery charged up while you are mirroring the iPad. The verdict is that this adapter is a welcome tool in the connections that you can use with the iPad.