A Man travelling by train found himself in the same compartment with a scientist.  They got into conversation. The scientist pulled out his railway ticket. "In that piece of small cardboard," he said, "is enough energy to drive a ship across the Atlantic."


     This is a power age. Our present day physicists always try to unlock the power that is to be found in comparatively common materials.  Yet these same energies have been latent within the atom from the beginning of time.  Our scientists are not creating them; they are only learning how to release and utilise them.

Equally with the energy of the outward universe, man needs the energy of the interior universe of his own mind and spirit. He needs to release the resources of power within himself. All the evidence is that there are imensities of power lying dormant and potential within the human personality energies that are comparable with the colossal stores of energy resident within the physical universe. Just as until recently the constitution of the atom was an unknown continent with its riches all unplumbed, so the human mind and personality are for the most part undiscovered territories, whose wealth is as yet un-utilised. There is more in all of us than ever has come out. We are, each of us, more wonderful than we know. If large powers do really exist within each of us, then it is only wisdom to seek for them, just as the physical scientists seeks for the energy residing in the atom.


     We need not, however, wait for some chance circumstance, or even friendship to bring us out. The power is there within us. Our own imagination and will, our own hope and courage, can unlock the door of interior personality and release its pent-up powers. Within you there is power! You have not to make it. You have only to release it and allow it to work for you. Your larger self lies slumbering, waiting for the mystic touch that shall awaken it. Why not make a start today? Why not throw timidity to the winds and dare to trust your larger personality?