Webmasters and Android Phones

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There are many ways in which one can access the files of a site via FTP. Most of the ways that are known to many require one to have a computer. In addition, one should download and set up an application that will enable him/her to access the site's files. An example of a file used by webmasters via  computers is File Zilla.

On a number of instances, I have been forced to look for other alternative means to delete or upload some files from my two blog site. In one situation, I was far away from home and as a result, I couldn't have access to a computer. I then remembered that I had carried my android phone.

If you are a webmaster, you know that you should make your site active at all times. What if you are running your site on the Wordpress Platform and one of the plugins you have activated doesn't allow you to log in? In other words, it blocks you. This will compel you to look for ways of de-activating  the plugins. One of the ways is to have access to the site's files and then delete or rename the folder containing all the active plugins. This can be done from the C-panel.

It is therefore crucial to know how FTP works so that once faced with such issues, you don't get stuck. I have also mentioned the fact that  there are a number of ways you can do this other than the above. Let's now look at how to use your android phone to do FTP related activities.



Steps That You Should Follow

  • From Google Play Store,download an application known as Total Commander. You can also download it from Mobogenie and 1 market. This application requires that you download its FTP plugin for it to work.
  • Install it.
  • Log into the C Panel of your site so that you can create an FTP account. I advise that you use a computer because a phone is limited when it comes to the creation of different accounts in the C Panel. For those who don't know how to do this, just go FTP accounts and then create one. After you have created an account, copy down the details of the account. The crucial details that you should copy include your password, FTP username,  FTP server and FTP & explicit FTPS port. You will require these details for you to log into your FTP via the application in the phone.
  • Go to your phone and open your new app. Enter the above details in the spaces provided and click sign in. It will take you to your site's file and here you can delete the files, if there is need.
screenshotsCredit: screeshotsUsing your Android phone to delete,download and upload files to your siteCredit: android

This method is handy when it comes to those who travel far away from home and they cannot carry their laptops because of one or two reasons. One thing you should note is that you should switch your phone to 3G network so that the performance can be satisfactory. I have personally used this method and it served me without any problem.

One thing I must mention is that this method is not appropriate when one needs to transfer huge files because it is not as fast as when using a computer. Other than this, which is a cons,  the method works well.

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