Many visitors to Utah are baffled by the life style that seems so prevalent there. It can even affect things like Utah real estate. Whether you want to move here, or you need to sell a home in this market, here is deal with Utah real estate.

Go big or go home. A 1990 census showed that Utah had the third highest birthrate in the country. How does this effect Utah real estate? First off it means that if you want to resell a house you need to either target couples without children, or you need to accommodate families. The more bedrooms & bathrooms you have the better. If you casually browse through Utah real estate listings you'll see that it's not unusual for a mid priced house to have 5 or 6 bedrooms. It also means that your home will need to be in a good school district to bring in lots of offers. Consider finishing the basement as added incentive for prospective buyers.

Be prepared for a drive if you live in a small town. There are a few major city centers in Utah such as the Salt Lake & Provo area. Utah is dominated by a lot of smaller towns where it may be difficult to find work depending on your field. You'll be able to save money if you buy in a small town. Just make sure that you will still be saving money if you have to drive an hour each way to get to a decent job.

Find yourself a view. Utah is known for its outdoor life. There are lots of national parks & monuments. One of the State mottos is "The Greatest Snow on Earth". Even if you live in a suburb, or the center of a city you'll probably be able to have at least a peak of the blue snow capped mountains.

Be pleasantly surprised. If you are coming from a more densely populated area, you're in for sticker a good way. You can find townhouses starting in the mid 100ks. Of course some of the nicer areas of Salt Lake will have prices up to 600k for historic homes.

Find a home that can handle cold weather & long winters. You won't have this problem if you live in the red rocks of Southern Utah. Look for a sturdy roof that you can easily put heat tape on during the winter to prevent leaks & roof damage.

Tap into your conservative side. When you first look at Utah real estate it might seem like all of the houses are the same. If you build or buy a house that blends in it will appeal to a wider range of people. If you choose a really out there style of house you may have to wait around for that perfect buyer if you ever decide to sell. This is also something to keep in mind when planning expensive remodels. The more main stream you go, the more likely it is that it will sell in Utah.