Bowling Techniques

Bowling may seem to be a simple sport, but using proper bowling techniques can be difficult. Although a lot of people do well at the sport of bowling, it is difficult to become one of the best at it.

In order to become very good at bowling there are many techniques to master. There are tips and tricks that help beginning or average bowlers improve their game.

The Importance of Using Proper Bowling Techniques

In order to master the sport of bowling, a bowler must have more than one bowling ball, due to the differences in lane surfaces and conditions that they will encounter. Having multiple bowling balls can help a player increase their average significantly. For example, many players use different balls for strikes and spares on various lane conditions and oil patterns. As with any sport, in bowling, having the right equipment for the right situations can make all the difference in the world.

Some players may find that their thumbs fit loosely in the bowling ball. If this happens, the player should not squeeze the ball harder, as their thumb will swell and may become painful, not to mention ruin their shot. In order to remedy this problem, bowler’s tape can be used on the thumb, preventing the player from tightening their arm too much and/or hurting themselves. A custom drilled bowling ball can help bypass this problem entirely. With the right fit for the thumb, consistency and endurance can be improved significantly.

This doesn't really impact the bowling techniques that you utilize, however it is important to note that bowling balls often lose their power and reaction potential over time. This is especially true when bowling balls are not cared for properly. Reactive resin balls have the potential to wear out the most quickly when not maintained in the right way. They become saturated with oil and lose reaction. It is extremely important to wipe a bowling ball down after each use. This can be done with rubbing alcohol. A bowling ball can also be cleaned in warm sudsy water periodically.

A lot of bowlers are inconsistent with their delivery, which causes problems with their game. Often, this problem is because the bowler is not approaching the foul line with their shoulders squared towards it. This happens most often when a player is rushing their shot. Keeping the approach speed moderate, at the same time as making sure the shoulders are squared off to the foul line is extremely important in maintaining consistency.

In order to keep the speed moderate, the bowler should focus on the marks on the lane and keep their final stance until the ball crosses the lane marks. Memorizing this position is important so that it can be repeated if the result is positive, and the bad shots can be avoided. Remaining balanced and following through with a shot until it is complete will help a bowler to properly make their shot consistently. In order to stay balanced, the bowler uses their non-sliding leg to counterweight the opposite side, which is the side they roll the ball with. By getting low to the lane, while remaining upright, the player can make more effective shots.

By following these tips on bowling techniques, bowlers can learn to perfect their shot. While some of these points may seem insignificant, each one is integral to the success of a players bowling game. Proper care of equipment, stance, speed and consistency will help any bowler increase their bowling score and improve their bowling techniques, whether they are a beginner or are more advanced.