The technique of companion planting has been used for generations and generations. The art of companion planting allows you to grow a garden full of fruits, vegetables and herbs that compliment each others growing process. To take full advantage of companion planting you need to first know what works well together before you begin planting a garden of your own. This is what you will find out here.

When planting Asparagus and Tomatoes: ASPARAGUS- consider planting it in your garden near your Parsley and Tomatoes. TOMATOES- plant near asparagus, garlic, parsley, marigolds and asparagus but keep it away from your fennel, potatoes and anything in the cabbage family.

When planting Lettuce and Carrots: LETTUCE- plant your lettuce near carrots, cucumbers, onions or radishes to watch it flourish. CARROTS- will thrive when planted near leafy lettuce, tomatoes and parsley but do not plant it near dill.

When planting Corn and Cucumbers: CORN- will do well in your garden when planted near cucumbers, beans, squash, peas, pumpkins and potatoes. CUCUMBERS- are best served being planted near cabbages, radishes, corn, peas and beans but keep them away from your potatoes and herbs.

When planting Onions and Peas: ONIONS- grow nicely in your garden near cabbages, tomatoes, lettuce and beets. PEAS- will flourish the best if kept near corn, beans, turnips, radishes, potatoes, carrots and cucumbers but is best to keep them away from onions and garlic.

When planting Bush beans and Potatoes: BUSH BEANS- will fare well when planted in fairly close proximity to potatoes, carrots, beets, marigolds and cucumbers but their growth is deterred when planted near garlic, onions and fennel. POTATOES- are best grown near cabbage, marigolds, corn, peas and beans but not sunflowers.

When planting Radishes and Pole Beans: RADISHES- can be grown and planted near spinach, beets and carrots with no worries. POLE BEANS- work well near radishes and marigolds but not onions and garlic.

When planting Cantaloupe and Pumpkins: CANTALOUPE- does well in the garden near sunflowers and corn but not potatoes. PUMPKINS- also do well near corn but not potatoes.

This is, by far, not a complete list but it is a great start with the basics and some of the most popular planted fruits and vegetables. Be sure when you are planting in your garden that you take into consideration everything that you are planting and your garden will reap the rewards of your careful and cautious planning.