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VPS vs. Dedicated Hosting - Which one is Better for You?


Every webmasters wants his website to grow at an exponential rate. Unfortunately the resource usage also increases with the growth of a website. Eventually, a time comes when shared hosting plans becomes insufficient. At that point, one can either purchase a virtual private server or a full-blown dedicated server.  At first most people choose the latter because of its power. However, the price tag soon brings them down to their senses and they find it necessary to consider VPS as a viable option. Virtual private servers are much cheaper than dedicated servers but their qualities are quite similar to their superior counterparts.

VPS hosting is the best bet for those websites which are not very profitable but at the same time can not be accommodated in a shared machine. It is better than shared hosting because it offers more resources, CPU power and better security. At the same time it is much more affordable than dedicated hosting. While your own server will cost you a fortune, a good quality VPS can be obtained for as low as $20. Prices increase with the increase in resource usage limits and number of domain names that you wish to host on your virtual machine. If you in a dilemma between money and quality then it is the best option for you. 

So why is VPS hosting so cheap? Actually when a web hosting company offers dedicated servers to it's clients, some of the resources go unused. Instead of wasting these resources, the company often leases them out to smaller websites. Naturally, the websites on these smaller, secondary servers enjoy the same benefits as the main websites but at a much lower rate. Virtualization technology has made this process very efficient and cost-effective and that has led to the widespread popularity of this concept. 

Now, lets have a look at all the main features of dedicated web h0sting. In this type of hosting a single client uses an entire server. Sometimes he is also responsible for the maintenance of the machine, but we'll come to that later in this article. Dedicated servers are used for websites which are either very complex in their structure or are huge in size. Security is also a concern which leads people to this type of hosting. All the big sites which are visited by millions of people everyday, use dedicated servers. Same is the case with websites which hold valuable data of customers like credit card numbers, contact information etc.

Dedicated server hosting is of two main types, managed and unmanaged. Unmanaged dedicated hosting is much cheaper but a certain level of technical knowledge is required to make good use of it. If you are a newbie to server management then it is not for you. On the other hand, we have managed dedicated servers, where the hosting company takes care of all the technical tasks. This leaves out room for errors on the part of host but it still gives you some peace of mind.

You should make a decision by taking into consideration the profits you wish to draw from your website and the money you are willing to spend.

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