VPX Sports Zero Impact Protein Bars work for actor Ryan Reynolds. He says he snacks on them all the time. Just look at Ryan's buff and muscular body - that's not a bad advert for these VPX low carb protein bars!

Here's the exact excerpt from the interview that mentions the well-known VPX supplements. The author is visiting Ryan Reynolds on the set of his new superhero movie, Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds has just eaten his usual lunch of steamed chicken, broccoli, carrots, rice and salmon. The article says:

"Wherever [Ryan Reynolds] is, he snacks on these orange bars called Zero Impact Pumpkin Supremes -"sort of like a pumpkin made out of cinder block," he quips"
The ingredients for the Zero Impact Pumpkin Supremes are:
Why protein isolate, natural almond butter, natural sunflower butter, whey protein concentrate, semisweet chocolate, purified water, glycerin, brown rice syrup, erythritol, pumpkin, rolled oats, both nautral and artifical flavors, lecithin, potassium sorbate, salt, sweet potato, mix tocopherols, xanthan gum.
You can also get VPX zero impact protein, chocolate flavor as well as graham cracker, vanilla.
They don't contain gluten, wheat nor yeast.
The VPX company is completely upfront about these ingredients, in fact they are proud of them and they say these zero impact bars took over 3 years to develop and perfect. I know that doesn't sound like the healthiest combination but actually the Vpx Zero Impact bars are specially formulated so that the sugars contained in the bar do not effect blood sugar levels and insulin. They are mostly DE (dextrose equivalent) sugars. They include good fats from milk proteins and oats that reduce body fat and help keep blood sugar and insulin levels healthy. They are said to be the future of health supplements in turns of fat loss and the growth of lean muscle.
You can order or read more about VPX Sports Zero Impact Protein Bars online here

You might also look in alarm at the amount of fats from the natural almond butter ot the natural sunflower butter and the rice syrup. Again, VPX Sports is happy to discuss this - they said that a balanced diet MUST consist of fats...but healthy fats. Good fats are essential to renew our body's cells and for vital brain and nerve functions.

I guess what's good enough for Ryan Reynolds...

VPX Zero Impact Protein bars

PS If you're interested, read the whole interview with Ryan Reynolds by GQ magazine here, it's loooong but interesting article though Ryan Reynolds is clearly a private guy. The section about the VPX Zero Impact Pumpkin Supremes protein bars is on page 3. The actor talks about his workout routine and eating. It just shows how much dedication he has to both his body and his fitness, and his career.

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