V Rocker Review

The V Rocker is a ground level chair designed for use with gaming consoles.  It is an unusual chair that will appeal to some and not to others.  The main feature that sets it apart from an ordinary chair is the ability to divert audio from any of the gaming consoles through two speakers on the chair.  These speakers are situated at head rest height, with one speaker either side of the users head.  The stereo sound quality is quite good and certainly adds to the gaming experience.

The control panel of the chair is very simple and the instructions provided with it give clear and concise instructions on how to plug your gaming console into the chair.  There are different diagrams for the popular consoles.  The panel itself consists of a volume and bass dial, an input and output jack and a headphone jack.  The on/off button is here too and it’s a push button type.  The chair is connected to the mains power via a 9V transformer and plug, so you’ll need a nearby power outlet.  All cords necessary to power up the chair are provided.

V Rocker control panelCredit: Steven Pike

The chair itself is fairly well constructed and will last a long time with careful use.  It comes in the box folded over, so it’s just a matter of lifting the back of it up and securing this back bit to the seat via the thick Velcro straps. This sounds cheap and nasty, but it’s really quite effective when you see the chair put together and there is not a great deal of tension put on these straps anyway.

The base of the chair is just a low plastic stand that sits flat on the ground.  However, it’s called V Rocker for a reason, and this stand will only be flat on the ground if you are leaning back in the chair.  Sit forward a little and the chair rocks forward, allowing you to sit quite comfortably upright with your legs stretched out or crossed in front of you. 

Lean back, and the chair rocks backward before coming to rest on its base.  The front of the chair now sits up a little, allowing your legs to bend over the edge of the chair and your feet to comfortably rest on the ground. 

Either position is comfortable.  Time and effort has obviously gone into making the chair useful for gamers, as it’s easy to play from either position.  Don’t lean too far back when in the reclined position as the chair will go all the way over, although it’s not far to the floor.

The chair is lined with vinyl which is padded in the necessary areas.  This is one area of the chair which I think can be improved.  Although it’s very comfortable, after a length of time, the lack of serious padding starts to tell after a while with your backside becoming a little tired.  The head rest is just about right though.

Getting in and out of the chair is not as difficult as you would imagine, being almost at ground level.  Alighting from it is easier than sitting in it; you just roll forward and stand up.  The chair is well suited to kids; you will probably have issues extracting them from it once they sit down.  V RockerCredit: Steven Pike

As well as consoles, devices such as Ipods and NIntendos can be plugged in to it, so you can sit there whilst others are watching TV and play your Nintendo without annoying the rest of the family with Nintendo game noises.


The V Rocker is relatively cheap too.  I thought so anyway.  It cost $99AU and this included a game for whatever console you prefer.  Not bad value really.

If you have a serious gamer in the house and are sick of him or her lounging all over the couch, this chair could prove to be the answer.   Any kid will love it, it’s easy to set up and is quite good value for money.