Traveling Vegan Style

The sun is setting, the summer air is tepid and you are relaxed. But your stomach is gurgling, the embarrassing noises orchestrate your hunger. Eating out vegan style is probably one of the most difficult transitions of becoming a vegan: cross out all your fast foods (minus Subway and Panera), cross out all diners, Applebee's, TGIFriday's, Olive Garden, ect. ect. There is a limit to what restaurants can offer you in the flavors of vegetarian/vegan, and let's get real, half the time it isn't even decent. It might be easier to just eat at home, but you're on vacation. Thankfully, Boston, MA LOVES vegans, so helllllllllo. Here I come.

pizzaCredit: me

1/2. Alright, I apologize because this first place WAS the best place in the world. Sadly, due to weather damages this magnificent place had to shut down. So, I bring you all pizza from Peace o' Pie Gourmet Pizza in Allston in the hopes that one day they will return to us. There pizza was beyond words: "cheesy", delectable, heaven. The entire menu was vegan, so no having to subtract ingredients or question them. UGH so good. Thankfully, Peace o' Pie is looking into a new location. Head over to their website to keep updated!


1. This next place was a little difficult to find because I'm not a map savvy person (I get lost in my hometown where I've lived for 20 years). But, oh oh oh, hot tamales! I walked for about 30 minuets in the rain in December to find My Thai Vegan Cafe. Located on 3 Beach Street, and up the stairs is an intriguing experience with Thai. I love Thai, and it is usually versatile with my diet. Yet this place captured the beauty of flavors without jeopardizing my ethics. The place was cute, clean and mmm-mm so de-lish! What I really was craving was some Bubble Tea: tea made with soy milk with tapioca pearls (kind of chewy, kind of flavorless but I love them for their texture in Bubble Tea!) And that was super good, but what I wasn't expecting was the Soup of the Day to be as exquisite in flavor. Since I went there at lunch time, I received their  lunch soup with my order, but forgot to inquire what kind of soup it was. I believe it may be some variation of Tom Yum soup with heavenly spices, tofu, mushrooms and carrots!

2. Veggie Galaxy is by far the coolest vegan diner around town. It's located at 450 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, not too far outside of Boston. But, dayyyyyy-um, it is worth however far you have to travel (and I drove probably 4.5 hours from my home to Boston, 10 mins from my hotel in Brookline!). Sadly, I never took a picture. Why? Because this place was banging all around. It was funky, cool, hip place. If I had lived around Boston, me and my friends would go there all the time. I got a delicious burger, but what really was neat was the potato salad. Vegan potato salad! Nuts, but absolutely, hands down fabulous. If you get the chance, go here! 

galaxyCredit: yelp

3. I was in the mood for some ice-cream. Well, it isn't everyday you can go out to the corner and find soy ice-cream (especially soft serve which is something I tenderly miss <3). You also don't normally find soy ice-cream, locally made. FoMu would laugh at you sweetly, understanding your apprehension, but FoMu offers you just that and more!  Located on Beacon St & Hano St in Allston. Most of their ice creams are made from coconut cream, a nut blend, or a soy base. In addition to being vegan, FoMu strives to be gluten free, organic, and free from refined sugars! Awesomesauce! They offer ice cream: hard and soft with toppings!, smoothies, sundaes, coffee, tea and other sweets...SWEET! Check out more info about FoMu at

fomuCredit: yelp

3.5 Starbucks. Now, I know I know I know, Starbucks is everywhere, but this my shout out. Starbucks offers yummy, hot coffee with an option for soy milk. I am totally stoked about this because during my stay at Boston it rained every single day and I abhor the cold. My drinks include: a large vanilla cappuccino w/ soy milk + 3 EXTRA shots, a large mocha café (same makings), and a caramel frap w/ soy milk <3

4. Back on track at Refuge Cafe! This place  located at 155 Brighton Ave right in Boston. If you're looking for a nice place for bangin' burritos, go here! It isn't completely vegan though, but it is still pretty good and different! The atmosphere is buzzy and warm, a nice place for a chat, to read if you don't mind background noise, and writing! I ordered coffee which was fine, not out of the ordinary, but after my friend got a plate of tofu, peppers, onions, salsa, vegan cheese, and home fries I was jealous and copied him. I must say it was pretty good, a nice cure for a hangover, too ;)

5. Life Alive has to have some secret magic in creating their recipes. Especially the humus made with red lentil. Amazing and very healthy (People usually think vegan is synonymous with health, but it definitely isn't). But yes, Life Alive has to be one of the healthiest places I've gone too without having to give up taste. They are also affordable. I think I spent around $9 for a large "filling bowl", but they also offer a medium "handy wrap" portion and a taster plate portion. Very good idea because it is an inclination to try a variety of entries (they have a lot of options!). Life Alive offers grilled wraps, salads, soups, sides, cleansing juices and smoothies. In addition to food, they also have live musicians! Cool! Check out the menu in full detail at !

lifeCredit: life alive

 Okay, so there are many more fun, vegan places to explore in Boston, MA and surrounding areas. Some of the other places I have heard of, but didn't get a chance to check out include: West End Strollers, Freshii, Elephant Walk, and Banh Mi Ngon!  If you know of any other good places, please comment because next time I'm in Boston I want to try more!