Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?"

Rocker Rod Stewart sang a popular song called "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" In it he belts out, "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar let me know!" Imagine saying that to someone. You've got to be pretty confident. Even more strange, imagine Stewart saying that to you. I personally have nothing against "Rod the Mod" Stewart, but I don't consider him sexy. I do, however, know someone who absolutely believes that Stewart is one of the sexiest men alive. So, is he or isn't he? 

Similarly, the first time I caught a glimpse of singer Kid Rock, I thought he was intoxicatingly sexy. He is at the top of sexy in my book (second only to my husband, of course). There are people, however, who would disagree with me. So, once again, is he or isn't he? 

The answer to both is, he is sexy if you think he is, and he isn't sexy if you think he isn't. Just like beauty, sex appeal is in the eye of the beholder.

What is Sexy?

Kid Rock(126967)
Credit: Wikimedia Commons Public domain by the U.S. Department of Defense

Think about what you find attractive. For some, it is a toned and perhaps surgically enhanced body. For others, perhaps a handsome or pretty face is desirable. Many people concentrate on physical characteristics when determining whether or not someone is attractive. After all, a person's physical appearance is the first thing you notice (unless you get to know someone prior to seeing and meeting them). 

If a person's appearance determines whether or not they are enticing, then what happens when (after meeting "Mr. or Mrs. Gorgeous") he or she turns out to be a total jerk? Usually, he or she becomes extremely unattractive, extremely fast. So, we must conclude that there's more (or should be more) to being sexy than a person's looks.

More Than Good Looks

Many people find intelligence; wealth; power; a sense of humor; humility; a high moral character and values; or something other than looks to be alluring. The "package" in which these characteristics come in is secondary. For example, have you ever looked at a couple and thought, "What does he (or she) see in her (or him)?" The answer is probably in the person's personality (or it could also be their bank account). 

Humor is also attractive to many folks. A number of physically beautiful women date average or below average looking comedians because they find their wisecracking attractive. Power is also an attraction, and as with the comedian, attractive women date very powerful but physically unattractive men. Power, and the money that comes with it is very attractive to many -- just take a look at a number of Hollywood relationships.

Back to Kid

One of the things I find appealing about Kid Rock, aside from his looks, is his generosity. He often gives freely of his time and resources in support of our troops. He tries to help the people of his hometown by giving his time and money to charities and businesses. He also promotes the city whenever he can. I think he's a great guy, despite his womanizing and bad boy image, of which my husband constantly reminds me. 

Kid Rock on CBS Sunday Morning


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Sexy is in the Eye of the Beholder

Although people have a general idea of what they believe sexy to be; Hollywood adds to the stereotype with countless voluptuous and beautiful starlets and muscular and handsome leading men. But how many people do you personally know that actually look like an entertainer? In my experience, not many. Yet, the non-thespian community still manages to find sexy people within their midst. So, in reality, sexy is whatever a person believes it to be. 

Whether a person is blond, brunette, redhead, bald, or something else, someone will no doubt find them fetching. Whether curvy, slender, or somewhere in between, someone will be attracted to you. 

Even if you do not believe that you are attractive, you can always find someone who believes otherwise. Regardless of whether 99 out of 100 people think someone is undesirable, there is still that one person who will see something positive.

Born to be sexyCredit: morguefile.com by Xeina

'Sexpiration' Date

Some people lose their appeal over time, like a carton of milk they have an expiration date, or you could call it a 'sexpiration' date. In the early 1970s, after the Godfather and Serpico movies, a number of women found the actor Al Pacino sexy. Nowadays, however, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who still considers him attractive. Pacino is someone who has passed his sexpiration date. 

People Magazine has published a "Sexiest Man Alive" issue since 1986, and it is usually a top seller. Past cover "boys" include Mel Gibson, Nick Nolte, Harrison Ford, and Richard Gere. While some people may consider these individuals attractive, it would be safe to say many have lost their mass appeal. 

Unfortunately for women, they seem to have a shorter sexperation date than men. A male can be considered a sex symbol into middle-age and even beyond. It is rare, however, for an older woman to be considered sexy.

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Questionable Appeal

Woman CN 1929Credit: morguefile.com by ClaritaThe gist of the piece is that everyone is sexy, and generally I say to each his own. However, I must admit that I find it strange when someone has a fascination with a convicted murderer. For some unknown reason, there are individuals who develop an attraction to famous killers and have a morbid desire to be with them. Although I don't understand the attraction, it goes to the point that everyone is sexy to someone.  

Va, Va Voom!

Who do you find sexy? Think about it, whether it is Rod Stewart or Kid Rock, or for the men out there, Jennifer Lopez or Miranda Kerr, everyone is sexy in someone else's eyes. Even the mother of reality star "Honey Boo Boo" has someone who thinks that she is sexy. Think about that the next time you doubt yourself. 

Remember, you are sexy to someone. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

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