When vacation comes to your mind, you typically think of going to another state or country and exploring different cultures and ways of life. However, this is not always the case. Maybe your money is a little tight and you can't afford to take the family on the annual trip that you do every year. Have you ever considered making a vacation out of staying in your home town and exploring different things that your hometown has to offer? This is a great way to save money and learn more about your town. Read on to learn tips on how to explore your home town like a tourist.

You should explore the natural attractions of your region. Is your area known for rock climbing, large bodies of water, large natural monuments, caves, or hiking? Then make it a point to check these places out. You should check out your local tourism web site to see what your town or region may have to offer. This is a great way to get in touch with your wild side as well.

Get in touch with your artistic side. Most towns have art museums or festivals dedicated to arts and crafts or antiques. You should check out your newspaper for listings on these types of things. You can also hit up the historical museum for your town to do some more research on when these events may take place.

Another great idea would be camping out in your backyard. You can pop out a tent and roast marsh mellows on the grill and tell stories with the whole family. This is a neat way to bond with your family and spice things up in you and your family's lives.

How about inviting your friends and family to join you at a local swimming pool or beach in your area. This is another great way to have fun and socialize with the people who are closest to you. Once the summer time hits, most people love to gravitate towards the swimming pool and beach.

Explore some part of your town that you haven't been to. Maybe there is a college nearby that has a lot of stores, restaurants, and unique activities that you and your family can take in. Maybe you haven't been to a local attraction around town or in your region. Well now is the time to plan for these things. This could be a great experience for you and the family.

Check out a movie. When's the last time you and the family have been out to a good old fashioned movie with some nice butter popcorn and candy?  Some movie theatres show free or $1 movies on certain times of days too so this will be a great opportunity to save some money.

These tips will help you have more fun in your town if you can't afford a real vacation. Good Luck!