VBS wouldn't be much fun without games and crafts. They encourage teamwork, social interaction and friendly competition. The following VBS activities are guaranteed to incorporate some excitement into your program!

*Sling the Rock at Goliath: This fun version of pin the tail on the donkey introduces two powerful Bible characters - David and Goliath. Kids will be given the chance to test their aim and skills at conquering giants, just like David did. Instead of the donkey’s tail, use a  ball of sticky paper for kids to throw at Goliath’s head, or at least where they think Goliath's head is. After all, they’ll be blind-folded! The results are sure to be amusing! For younger kids, you probably don't even need to blindfold them for this to still be a difficult challenge.

*Bible Jeopardy: Based off the well-known television show, this Bible trivia competition will be a great way to test what the kids learned at VBS. Write the questions beforehand about what the kids have been learning at Vacation Bible School, that way everyone is on the same level. Have VBS volunteers take turns playing the role of game show host. Award points, ranging from 5 to 25 points, depending on the level of difficulty. With this game, you can include as many players as your group has, but the player or team who accumulates the most points wins the entire game!

*Noah Says: Applying the Noah’s Ark tale to the Simon Says game; this activity will teach kids discipline all while having a good time. Split the children into three groups of animals: ducks, cats and dogs. When Noah gives a command to meow, bark or quack with the phrase “Noah says,” all animals must make the sound Noah instructed. However, if Noah just says to bark, quack or meow, without the phrase "Noah says", only the animals who make each noise may respond. Any child who fails to respond correctly will be asked to sit on the side for the remainder of the game. The team with the last remaining participant wins!

*Musical Chairs: This is a favorite among kids and is enjoyed no matter what their age. Although it's not necessarily a game that involves Biblical knowledge, it is an exciting way to get some energy out and acts as a fun ice breaker. All you need to play this game are some chairs and energetic music. The number of chairs will be one less than the number of kids that there are. The round ends when the music stops. At the end of each round, one child will be left standing. That child sits the next round out. Remove one or two more chairs, depending on your group's size and play another round. The last person sitting is the winner!

*Name That Tune: This game uses songs that have been included into VBS or well-known Christian songs. After playing part of a song, see who is the first to correctly shout out the name of the song. You might want to give a couple of hints if kids are having a hard time naming a particular song. 

*Cross-That-Fish: This game takes the Tic-Tac-Toe concept and applies it to Vacation Bible School studies. Divide the kids up on even teams, each of whom will take turns answering questions about something they were taught during VBS. When a team answers a question correctly, they can opt to put their symbol, either a fish or a cross on an open space on the tic-tac-toe board. The first team to Cross-that-Fish wins!

When planning your VBS, don't forget to incorporate fun games. Those who join Vacation Bible School are given important life lessons all while having a fun and entertaining experience they will be sure to remember!