Ideal Restaurants, Lodging and entertainment.

The reasons why you should take a vacation and visit Bucksport are numerous. We will cover the types of places to go to and the local town life. Choosing Bucksport, Maine to vacation will leave you only 2 and half hours from Portland Maine and 1 hour away from Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. The local surroundings and the hospitality is not seen many other places. While many people may come up to Bucksport for the local seaside views there are many more quality things to do.

Penobscot Narrows Bridge

Penobscot Narrows Bridge was built in 2007 by local contractor, to take over the traffic from the older bridge. With continued wind and salt damage the prior bridge was deemed unsafe and the town of Bucksport built the Bride. Currently on the of tallest bridges in the north east, it boast a remarkable view of the ocean and the surrounding Fort Knox. The bridge currently holds the tallest observation tower open to public most of the year. Admission is $5 for every one and the views are breath taking.

Fort Knox

No it is not the Fort Knox with all of the gold. The American built the fort in the late 1800 to keep the British out and it was hardly ever used. The fort now is used as a place tourist and local citizen can come to and create memories for the future. Local legends say the fort is haunted and Ghost Hunter has been understood to take rest at the location. Fort Knox has enough Fun to last for most of the days. Though out the summer thousands of people come to the fort for the celebrations they promote. To name a few are… Fright at the fort…pirate weekend, Bucksport bay fest, paranormal seminars and much more.

Bucksport Water Front and Walk Way

Bucksport has put in thousands of dollars to beatify the waterfront. They started less then ten years ago and the walkway now welcomes thousands of interested tourists. The waterfront starts next to the local grocery store and winds down almost two miles of the most beautiful scenery imaginable. Along the water's edge you can see stone and steal marking noting where historic places have been. A lot of people use the waterfront on their lunch breaks. You will be in less than 5 minutes to any store or restaurant.


Bucksport is known for the quality of food they serve. In less than a five-minute drive you can encounter numerous restaurants and dinners offering the local seaside fare. Often when asked the locals have preferences on which restaurants are the best. There is the locally well-known restaurant that offers casual yet pricey dinning. Then there are the new restaurants that are tiring to garner the tourist traffic. Be aware that it is often best to get your seafood from local vender lined up on the side of the road. The vendors offer a decent priced fish and other seafood.

Places of interest.

Bucksport was created a long time ago. Local historic site include Fort Knox, Jeb Prouty Inn, The Old School House, Historic ocean side houses, and locally famous the foot print on the monument. The historic value alone can keep your interest peaked. Only 1 hour away is Bar Harbor a national favorite beach side playground. You have Bangor and Belfast towards the north that can offer a little what the bigger states offer. They can offer the bigger malls and stores but also the quaint country feelings with the smaller shops. Toffee is big in the Bucksport area and you can find many flavors.


Weather can always change in Bucksport. Bucksport is generally known for its beautiful summer days and cold but brisk winters. If you arrive in the early spring, you will have to chance the spring rains and mud. Summer is beautiful, with the warm and windy days. Fall is the al time favorite time for a lot of people. The leaves are changing into the beautiful hues and colors. A lot of famous poets have written about the weather and leave foliage.

Vacation price range.

I would have to rate this trip right in the middle in the price range. You will generally pay cheaper prices for great quality for you’d find in New York. Gas prices are often higher in Bucksport then the surrounding areas due to the trap. Hotels will generally run about 50-100 per night depending on the views. An overall budget for a decent weekend would be around $600- $800.The price can go drastically upwards if you decide to meander of to the more touristy locations further east.