Peppers similar to what is used in stuffed peppers

Croatia, or Hrvatska as the locals call it, is a diverse country. There are many different regions that offer diversity in scenery, food, and culture. They even have their own dialects in language. Tourism is one of the main contributors in the local economy and for good reason. From the beaches in Zadar to the plains in Osijek, Croatia is a site to behold and a top tourist destination.

One thing that Croats are particularly passionate about is their cooking. One of the great dishes that can be found on any table throughout the summer is stuffed peppers, or punjena paprika. While touring the countryside it is an absolute must to stop and take a break in a local restaurant, or if you're really lucky, the dinner table of a Croat. Their stuffed peppers are to die for!

Stuffed Peppers
Credit: wikipedia

What goes into these amazing peppers? The typical ingredients are a mix of ground beef and pork, rice, egg, vegetta (a Croatian multipurpose seasoning), garlic and onion. This successful blend of spices and meat are mixed thouroughly and then stuffed into a hollowed out pepper. These peppers are then dropped into a pot of boiling chicken stock and tomatoe sauce. They simmer over low heat on the stove for hours. If this wasn't enough to get you excited they then mash some potatoes and serve one or two peppers on a bed of potatoes. The tomato sauce serves as a gravy of sorts over the whole mixture. 

This is a dish you will only find on tables in the summer months. If you happen to be in Croatia during the busy summer moonths then this dish is a must try. It can be found in every region, and if a Croat finds out you have never had one before they will excitedly invite you in and show you how to make it. They are super passionate about this beloved dish. 

If you happen to be in the country during the winter months you don't have to fret. They have a very similar dish that they serve in the winter time. This is a leaf of sour cabbage that they roll and stuff with the same meat mixture and boiled in the same tomato sauce that the peppers are treated with. It is a comforting dish through those cold winter months. It is an explosion of salty, sweet, and creamy goodness. There is great food to be had in this country any time you come visit. 

Beautiful Croatian Sunset