A trip to Fiji is sure to be an extraordinary trip that you will remember forever. The local Fiji economy is extremely dependent on tourism, so the customer service that visitors receive tends to be very positive. The Fiji Islands get around 400,000 visitors each year. Many people know Fiji as a place where their bottled water may of come from or they now of Fiji as a destination for honeymooners, but Fiji is very culturally diverse and offers a lot of attractive options for people to visit their Island Nation regardless of whether they are newly married, single, or even traveling with your family in tow.

Fiji is a delight to visit. Fiji has over 300 Islands with about 100 of them inhabited by people. Fiji is compose of a vary culturally diverse cross-section of people from many ethnic backgrounds including Polynesia, East Indians, and Chinese. The selection of cuisines and restaurants is often astounding to people the first time they visit the Islands.

Where is Fiji?

Fiji is a chain of South Pacific Islands located about 1,300 miles North East of North Island, New Zealand.

Things To Do In Fiji

There are many activities to do in Fiji including Snorkeling, hiking, sea kayaking, eating at various restaurants, and simply lounging on the beautiful beaches with a cold drink in your hand. Traveling around Fiji usually involves a small airplane for Island hopping or a boat. Within the larger Islands you can ride a bus around to get to various destinations. Some of the popular destinations include Plantation Islands and Treasure Island.

Plantation Island Fiji

One very popular Island to visit is Plantation Island Fiji. Plantation Island is where many people spend time when they vacation in Fiji. Plantation Island Fiji is only 522 acres in size, but there are many lodging options. On Plantation Island Fiji you will also find many recreational activities.

Treasure Island Fiji

Treasure Island Fiji is a resort located in the Mamanuca Islands. Unlike many of the other resort destination Island locate din the Fiji Islands, Treasure Island is a 10 minutes by plane or 20 minutes by boat from the main airport. This means that you will get to your hotel room the day that you arrive in Fiji. Other island resorts you may have to spend a night elsewhere before your are flown or boated into their resort Island.

Fiji Vacation Packages

There are numerous companies that specialize in Fuji Vacation Packages. Traveling to Fuji has never been easier. You can book an all inclusive vacation or you may choose a more independent route. Regardless of how you get to Fiji it is well worth your time as this Island Nation is absolutely gorgeous.

Fiji Travel

Although Fiji is a long ways away, getting to the main Islands of Fiji is extremely simple. It is highly recommended that you go Island Hopping and visit multiple Islands on your stay to get a taste of the various Islands that Fiji offers. You can choose to go plan your own Fuji holiday or you can choose an all inclusive resort package and flight for your Fuji vacation, but either way a trip to Fuji is the ultimate in South Pacific seas.