Everyone loves to travel, and that doesn't change after you've had a family. But the complexities of travel certainly do change. Vacations with kids can be tough. If you are struggling with what to do to keep your children entertained, try a few of these tips.

Pre-pack some activity kits before you leave

Travel, especially road trips, can be long even for adults. For kids with short attention spans, this time locked in a car can be enormously frustrating. You can ease some of that frustration, though, by having surprise activity kits that you can give the children when it seems their moods are turning. Fill these kits with things they love to do. If your kids love drawing, include some crayons and a few coloring books. If they love games, add a few into the kit. If they are big on toys, have a few special ones in the kit that they can enjoy. These kits can easily keep them entertained during the longer stretches of your travel.

Keep a variety of snack packs at hand

Hunger can be the cause of a lot of aggravation with kids during vacation travel. Having something you can give your kids at a moment's notice can curb this problem. Keep the majority of snacks healthy, but always have a few real treats at hand too. You can use those to award good behavior along the way.

Bring a way to watch videos or listen to music

This is a moment where television, no matter how you feel about the medium with kids, comes in extremely handy. These videos can keep your child entertained for hours on end. Especially consider this tip if you are traveling in some form of public transportation like airplanes, trains or buses. There are more people than you that can be annoyed by your children. If they are causing a ruckus, you'll make the trip unbearable for everyone around you. Having a media device (like a tablet computer, a portable DVD player, or even a smart phone) with a pair of headphones can mean hours of entertainment for your kids and hours of sanity for the adults around you.

Use the captive hours to interact and educate your children

Entertaining your kids during travel doesn't need to mean pacifying them with toys, media or goodies. You can put this time to really productive, entertaining and educational use! Bring a few books along that you can read to your children. Practice certain skills that you have been trying to teach them. Even sit in the back seat with them and point out things you see out the windows of whatever vehicle you are in. Your kids are certain to be curious about what's there, and you can provide them with a lot of knowledge.

Before you begin that big trip, give these tips real consideration and put them to use. You'll be glad you did as your kids will be entertained and engaged throughout your vacation.