The Famous Arch of Cabo

The Famous Arch of Cabo

A great vacation in Mexico

The weather is always perfect for vacations in Cabo San Lucas.  They have some of the best weather around and it can be enjoyed year round.  Some say Cabo is where the desert meets the sea and that is true.  You have beauty all around you in Cabo.  That is one of the reasons Cabo San Lucas is a premiere vacation spot.  The elite and the average can enjoy this spot.  There are sports you can do both on water and on land.  You will find something to do no matter what your preference.

Water Activities

There are some great water activities that you can enjoy.  Take your children swimming with the dolphins for a memory that will last a lifetime.  Go sailing in the peninsula or rent jet skis.

Take one of the small cruises that are offered.  This is a place you can get away from the children and enjoy some alone time with your loved one.  There are romantic cruises and sunset cruises where the margaritas flow.  Perhaps you would enjoy a nice dinner at sea on the dinner cruise.  There is a good chance you will see a whale while on one of these cruises.

Something else that is always fun is snorkeling.  This is something everyone will enjoy.  Swim with the fish and watch them as they swim amongst you.  Your children can have an educational lesson in all the different fish they will see.  Get an underwater camera so you can take pictures of them.

Scuba diving is another past time that you can enjoy in Cabo.  You will find many scuba diving tours that will give you lessons in diving.  In just a few days you will be certified and ready to go out on your own.  The diving tours know the best places to go so it is highly recommended that you take one of the diving tours.

Land Activities

Cabo San Lucas has some walking tours that will take you all along the beaches or all through town.  Walk the marina and into the different parts of town.  See how different areas have different styles.  Take a walk around the natural rock arches that are in the area.  They are some of Mexico’s most beautiful natural wonders and are well worth visiting.  There is even a preserve right in town that you can enjoy with your family.

If you don’t feel like walking you can go on horseback.  There are tours that travel the beaches and also go into town.  This is a great way to see the sights and relax while riding.  Let the stresses of the day melt away while your horse takes you anywhere you want to go.

If you want something a little faster than a horse you can rent ATVs or go on an ATV tour of the area.  In town you will even see ATVs motoring about.  Get your adrenaline pumping on an ATV.

Some of the best golfing in the world is located in Cabo San Lucas.  This is home to the El Dorado golf resort.  The El Dorado is played by many professional golfers.  It is a golf course worth playing as is the other golf courses in the area.

While your spouse is playing golf you can enjoy one of the many spas in the area.  Unwind and let your hectic day slip behind you.  Get a sitter for the children so you can enjoy the peaceful settings of the spas.

Priced Right

You will find that vacations in Cabo San Lucas are priced right for you.  Whether you want to go on a second honeymoon or take the whole family you will find what you need and what fits your wallet.  The resorts and villas in the area have a great view of the sea from the balconies.  The service is top notch and friendly.  You will get more than your money’s worth on a Mexico vacation in Cabo.  You can book a vacation that is all-inclusive or one where you just pay the room.  You should try out some of the restaurants in Cabo.  You will find cuisine of all kinds.  You can get all the seafood you want or eat a traditional Mexican dinner.  Gather up your family and head for Cabo San Lucas.