A vacuum blackhead remover is a simple piece of equipment that basically sucks the blackhead from your pores. It doesn't sound too pleasant, however can be a very effective piece of equipment in helping clear your blackheads. The price range for one of these blackhead extractors range from around $10 - $50. These products tend to be easier to find and cheaper to buy online. You also have the advantage when buying online of being able to do a little research and read reviews about the different products. With these types of suction blackhead devices I recommend you fully research each product to ensure they produce the results they claim. Try to avoid the cheap $10 products, as scanning just a few reviews of these leads me to believe they are useless.

Before going out and spending your hard earned cash on these blackhead removal devices be sure you will follow through with it. I say this as many people expect instant results and when this doesn't happen they stop trying. Have patience and follow through with the recommended usage of the device and hopefully you will achieve the results you desire.

They are lightweight and simple to use and if you buy a good one you will avoid damaging your skin and causing scars during your blackhead extraction treatment.

Removing blackheads can be a long process due to the amount that appear on your face and nose, so before using your vacuum blackhead remover it is best to either have a shower/bath or steam your face. Doing this will open your pores which makes it easier to suck the blackheads out. Make sure you follow the instructions carefully to avoid damaging your skin.

The vacuum suction method is designed to remove the main root from your pores so that blackheads are prevented from appearing in the future. However, this does not mean after using your blackhead remover once, your blackheads will never appear again. Use the blackhead extraction tool as instructed and you will be much more likely to achieve positive results.

Sometimes when catching a glimpse of the blackheads, people will proceed to use their fingers to squeeze them out. This isn't recommended as often it can make things worse. You can help them become infected by forcing the blackhead deeper into your skin, which can create bigger pimples, scaring and further skin damage.

Blackheads are created by a combination of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria which all builds up in our pores. As well as using a vacuum extractor you could also use an exfoliating face mask each day which will help remove the dead skin cells from your face which helps prevent the pores from becoming blocked.

Using a vacuum blackhead remover is a great tool to use as part of your daily skin care routine so take your time and find the one which will give your the results you desire.