Coming home after a long day at work and realizing that you still need to clean the house in order to make it presentable to the friends that you have coming over, is something that most of us face on a regular basis. If you have kids, you know that there can be quite a lot of dirt on the floors and you need to clean it on a  daily basis almost. If you have pets, you know the pet hair is everywhere, and it can be hard to get rid of even if you try really hard. The solution for this problem is a robot vacuum cleaner.

The vacuum cleaning robot iRobot Roomba 760 has been designed to make your life easier, and at the same time bring you a better cleaning result than what you would get doing it by hand. A better result? Really? How come?

Well most of the time when you are vacuum cleaning the house, you are using a stand up vacuum cleaner which you are pushing around the floors. It's great but the problem is that you are not really close to the floor to see if you got everything already, and you can't easily use it under the furniture. If you are not always moving your sofas and beds when you are doing the cleaning, you are not getting everything from under there. Also if you don't carefully look at the floor from close up, you won't see if you really got everything. The vacuum cleaning robot will do the work for you, and monitor the cleanliness of the floor while it is cleaning, to make sure that it got everything. The iRobot 760 Roomba will spend more time in areas which need more cleaning, and it will move in a back and forth style until it gets everything there is to get. The brushes will penetrate deep in your carpets and make sure that they lift all the pet hair and dirt from deep in the fibers, while the vacuum cleaner is picking them up along with the two counter rotating brushes which act like a dustbin and a brush.

The robot works with a battery which is charged every time it returns to the home base, or docking station, after it is done cleaning the house or when the battery is running low. It can do up to four rooms with a single charge, and it will do all completely automatically. You might want to do some preparations in the rooms if you have a lot of things on the floors - it will not move the possible objects on the floor, but instead it will just go around them. 

If you are not convinced about the effectiveness of vacuum cleaning robots such as the Roomba 760, have a look at the video below to see it in action!