The robot vacuum is the newest, best innovation in cleaning since the broom.  Who wouldn't want a robot to cleantheir floors for them every night afterthey go to sleep? Sweet!

Let's face it- 50 years from now, we'll all be cruising around in flying cars and tasking our robot butlers with all of our daily cleaning tasks.  But until then, we can enjoy our paltry robot vaccums and feel all futuristic!



roomba irobot
iRobot Roomba 770 Vacuum Cleaning Robot for Pets and Allergies
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(price as of Oct 4, 2013)

Roomba video for more information

What are the benefits of a robot vacuum?

The Roomba robot vacuum by iRobot, one of the first and most popular robot vaccums, will even get all the dirt and pet hair from under our furniture as long as it has the clearance to let the iRobot pass underneath.

Here are some of the pros you can expect:

-You can set the Roomba or other similar product to run while you sleep.  If the area you want to clean is sufficiently far away from where you sleep where the noise won't bother you,  you can easily have your floors cleaned while you sleep.  I don't have one yet, so I can't testify to this firsthand, but many of the reviews say that it works well to let it run at night.

-You can set it to run while you are at work.  Wouldn't it be great to come home to nice, clean floors every evening after work?  I know I would love that.  Unless you have any very small pets that the vaccum might eat.  That might be a nasty surprise.

-It is much cheaper than a maid. I know from personal experience that having a maid to come in weekly to clean your home can run you hundreds of dollars a month!  Out of reach for me, for sure. Oh, how I miss the maid of my childhood, Aida.  She would come in and clean my room, even when my mother told her not too! 

-It may actually do a better job than you would! According to the roomba website[6020], it uses a patented 3 step cleaning process:

"a spinning side brush cleans along wall edges, counter-rotating brushes act like a dustpan and broom and an efficient vacuum gets rid of dirt and dust"

I can only think that it might not do as well as a person, but a vaccum robot cleaning your floors three times a week is certain to do better than a human cleaning them only once a month!

-It's great for people with allergies.  Most of these vacuums come with state of the art HEPA filters, ususally in several layers.

-It saves you serious time- I would much rather be writing articles for InfoBarrel or spending time with my kids than cleaning my floors, wouldn't you?

-You can set up boundaries for your robotic vacuum. This way, you can easily restrict where the vacuum cleans, and what areas to stay out of.

So, do you have any experiences with a robotic vacuum, good or bad?  I cannot wait to get one myself, because I have to clean my floors daily with 3 little kids running around.


Happy cleaning!