Packing for travel has always been a problem. Be it a vacation or a business trip. There are so many things that you'd like to take but so little space in your suitcase. It is frustrating because often items have to cut out to be able to avoid extra baggage. Not any more. Vacuum seal storage bags help you stack away your clothes that you wish to take on your travel as well as blankets, quilts, towels and other such items that you want to store in your wardrobe but cannot find adequate space for by reducing the size.

The bags are multi layered because of which they are reusable and durable. The bag is made from strips of patented static combined with thicker material making them thicker and heavier. They are long lasting and can be used time and again. The concept is quite simple, once the items are put inside the bag, by rolling or pressing out the air it compresses the items inside and forces the air outside. This results in a reduction of volume to 75%. The older vacuum bags required the air to be physically removed from the bag with the help of a vacuum cleaner. This was ok for the onward journey but in case there was no vacuum available for the return journey, it poised a huge problem. With vacuum space storage bags you do not require a vacuum. The bag resembles a zipper baggie with a bit of a difference. There is a valve located at the bottom of the bag which is one way, for removal of air. The top of the bag is like the zipper baggie with a stop line about four inches down which runs across the entire width of the bag.

So how does one use the vacuum space storage bags? Lay them flat out on the table, put in items till the stop line and then shut it as you would a zipper baggie. Roll like you would a mat or press down to push the air towards the valve located at the bottom. From there it will be forced out, you can hear and see this happen. The only thing is that, this leaves the clothes pretty wrinkled so don't forget to carry a steam iron with you. You get these bags in various sizes and in different styles like roll bags, hanging bags or push out bags. The hanging ones are especially good for storing leather jackets and sweaters in a wardrobe. These bags are great for storing diapers, or to take on a vacation, or if you are going hiking or trekking or indulging in water sports. It is good for packing for a plane journey too. The bags are water and air tight and will protect your clothes from mild dew, insects, dirt and moisture. Additionally, they are leak proof. You can either order these online or get them directly from retail stores. A recommended vacuum seal storage bag is Spacebags which is very popular.