Foods become rotten because of contact with bacteria in the air. Refrigeration can help preserve foods for a while but air still gets to items, even if they are in a zip lock bag. Using a vacuum sealer can keep out air and preserve food for a longer time than refrigeration alone.

Canned goods are example of preserved food. They can be stored for months and are safe to eat, considering the expiration date. Vacuum sealing allows for proper storage and proper preservation especially when food items are bought by bulk. Examples of food items bought in bulk are meat and vegetables. Most of us don't want to eat meat and vegetables every day so we put it in the freezer to preserve it. However, freezers can damage the food with freezer burn which is also a result of air coming into contact with the food. Vacuum sealing the food items will store it's freshness. It will not allow air and bacteria to come into contact with the food.

Vacuum sealing can be done easily with the proper machine. Vacuum sealers look a bit like an inkjet printer. It has a fan responsible for removing the air and a heated surface for sealing the plastic bag. First thing to do is to place the food that you want to preserve in a plastic bag. Then attach its end to the vacuum sealer. Press the start button and that's about as complicated as it gets. The machine will start to vacuum the plastic bag removing all the air inside it. The fan will totally remove the air inside the plastic bag and will heat seal it tightly so that air coming from the outside will not enter into the plastic bag.

When the plastic bag is sealed, it will conform to the shape of the food inside it. The food is now ready to be stored in the freezer for an extended period of time. The sealed bags are microwavable so if you desire to eat it, simply place it in the microwave or boil it in a pan. An alternative use for vacuum sealers is marinating. By removing the air and conforming the bag to food inside it, the marination is forced into the food quicker and more thoroughly than normal. Sealed bags should be cut appropriately. It must have a one to two inch allowance to make the bag easy to work with and allow for the seal to form properly.