Pet vacuum cleaner comparison shopping can be a challenge. Finding a good vacuum cleaner for cat hair and dog hair can make all the difference in homes with multiple pets. Lets look at two vacuum cleaners that are designed to make life easier for pet owners.
Dyson Pet Vacuum
There are several vacuums that claim to be the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It is important to consider what will work for your living situation. Often times manufacturers make vacuums for pets that are difficult to maneuver into the crevices that pet hair hides. Most pet owners are well aware of the reputation of Dyson. These helpful vacuum cleaner reviews, make it clear that Dyson's DC25 Animal Ball Technology Upright vacuum cleaner gets the highest ratings from consumers. This vacuum has a lower profile compared to the DC17, which allows pet owners to easily reach pet hair hiding underneath tables and furniture.

There is more for a pet owner to clean up than than dog hair and cat hair!
Spot Cleaning Vacuum
Finding a good pet vacuum cleaner that has powerful suction for cleaning up pet hair is great. But what about the carpet stains? With multiple pets in my household I can attest to the fact that there is much more to clean up than just pet hair. Which makes finding a good spot cleaner vacuum so important. Dragging out a big clunky vacuum every time there is a mess on the carpet is not very practical. Which is why the Bissell SpotBot handheld vacuum is an ideal vacuum for pets.

It makes sense to purchase a well made vacuum that gets the best reviews from consumers. You don't want to end up replacing your vacuum every year, which is all to common for pet owners.

These two vacuums for pets can make life much easier in a living situation with multiple pets.