Vaginitis is the medical term for vaginal infection. As the name suggests, vaginal infection is caused in the vagina and can lead to itching, irritation, odor and vaginal discharge that is smelly and of various colors. Over the counter medication is used to treat the discomfort caused by the doctors.

Vaginal Infection Causes:

The basic cause for such an infection is the development of favorable environment in the vagina that increases the growth of bacteria present in the vagina. Temperature and moist conditions are such conditions. Due to hormonal changes that take place in a body due to pregnancy, menopause and use of contraceptive methods and even antibiotics, the ecosystem of vagina changes. Even vaginal medication, stress, douches, having more than one sexual partner and sexually transmitted diseases are responsible for such infections.

It is important to note that sexual contact is one of the reasons for cause of vaginal infection. But yeast is another factor whose growth can cause vaginitis. Hormonal factors are the main cause of the infection in women. Though they are curable, if persists for longer duration of time, should be checked with doctor for other serious diseases.

Types of Vaginosis

Vaginal infection is of three types and though the symptoms of each are same, their causes are different and the same holds true for the treatments doctors prescribe.

There are definitely home remedies for vaginal yeast infection. But if you self treat yourself for yeast infection and it turns out to be bacterial infection or trichomoniasis, it may turn out to be quiet dangerous. This is so because such treatments are not effective in case of above mentioned infections. Though 70% women first opt for the home treatment, they fail to understand the side effects if it is not a yeast infection. Bacterial infections or BV cures by home remedies are however available.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of bacterial infection is very important. Thus, a doctor should be consulted immediately once signs are felt. He would test and examine your body to prescribe the best treatment. Also, if the yeast infection keeps happening again and again, it may be because of a dangerous disease like AIDS, diabetes or leukemia. Thus, consultation from a doctor is a must in each case.

One should understand that their case may be one of the rarest fatal infections called systemic Candidal Infection, which is a yeast infection only. It can turn out to be fatal in 75% cases is left without treatment or gets complicated. Normally such a condition develops only when it spreads in the entire body through blood. Otherwise, it can be easily treated. Those women whose immunity is not strong are more vulnerable to such complications. It is absolutely necessary to eat healthy, have a good routine and to maintain adequate hygiene. Not only will these keep you away from diseases but will also help you keep up a healthy and long sex life.

It is important to note that vaginal infections are not sexually transmitted. Yet at least 15% men get itching and irritation after having sex with an infected partner.