Valentine's Day decorations and décor ideas can really save you a lot of money. This is something that you may just have up for a few weeks. This means that it should be pretty simple to arrange. It can also be very romantic. Here are a few ideas for Valentine's Day decorations.

You can also really take inspiration from the traditional color palette. This means grouping a lot of red and pink pieces together. Usually these colors don't go together. However, you can gather them from all areas of your home; even your kids rooms. Then really put them on display. This can be very elegant looking, especially when you pair it with a lot of silver and fine china. This way you won't have to store all of the holiday decorations year round. Instead decorate with items that you collect around your house and arrange it in different and exciting ways.

One thing that you can really consider doing is to just go for more of a very romantic look. This is going to be a lot more sophisticated than the cheesy hearts that you might be really used to. In this case, you can just make sure that you use what you already have in your home. This could be a grouping of silver candlesticks on your table. Try going for a shabby chic look just with a lace tablecloth even though for most of the year it would seem a little bit dated. You can even make your own inexpensive artwork just by framing out a lot of rose wallpaper that you might find even at the dollar store. This is perfect if you're on a budget or just want a more classic style.

Another option for more literal Valentine's Day decorations are going to use a lot of heart elements although this doesn't have to be juvenile. However, your kids can help you to create some of these items and it can even become a new family tradition. In this case, you could just find a lot of wood plaques at craft stores. You could also just look for a series of scrap wood blocks that you could paint for a folk art kind of effect. You can still keep these in your traditional decor colors. You might even be able to add in some pressed tin elements as well for more of a vintage effect. This will be one of your more expensive craft projects if you don't already have the supplies on hand. Even if you aren't an artist it's pretty easy to freehand a heart shape. This can be part of your centerpiece or just a display on an end table.

Another option is to create a banner. This is something that has been very popular in the craft world lately and it's a very simplistic idea that still looks quite elegant. In this case, you can just cut out a series of triangles and have a different letter on each to spell out your favorite Valentine's Day message. This is a simple and inexpensive way to decorate for a dinner party or just hang it over your fireplace.