Valentine's Day Gift Ideas can be hard to come up with, especially when you have been together 30 years!

But it is nice to try for something different and yet romantic each year. But if you are one of those "Oops, I forgot to make a reservation" and now all the good restaurants are full, you have a few options. So for all you guys out there trying to get romantic, here are some valentine's gift ideas that don't look last minute:

1. Make a reservation at her favourite restaurant the night before Valentine's Day. It will not be busy, you are likely to get a reservation, and it will not be packed. You will enjoy the evening, and then promise to spend Valentine's Day snuggled up at home. This way the celebrations goes on for more than one day.


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2. Make and shop for dinner. You create a meal idea, actually shop for it, cook it, and serve it. If you are not a great cook. Get yourself onto the internet and find a recipe you can understand. If you have left this to the actual day to do, then make sure it is for a dinner, you feel you can make from regular grocery store items. You don't want to be spending any time after work, trying to find specialty ingredients for your romantic dinner!

Make sure you call her and tell her you will be making a surprise for the evening… so she can wonder all day what it will be.

3. If you have left your valentines gift until the last minute, you may be out of luck for roses. Probably every flower shop in town will be sold out. So before you go nuts getting speeding tickets driving all over town after work, maybe go for a different flower arrangement. It doesn't have to be roses. If you are making dinner, then getting a nice floral arrangement for the center of the table would be a romantic touch.,

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Rent a Chic Flick!

4. If you want to buy her jewellery and you have left it until the last day, don't just grab the first thing you see. If you have not been able to do any research on what she would like, then why not create your own gift certificate for a day at the jewellery store, where she can pick her own?

This way she gets what she would like, and you have not spent hundreds on something that will sit in her jewellery box.

5. Rent a "chic flick" and try not to yawn. What a perfect evening this would be. A nice dinner, whether you made it or you went out.. And now a cuddle on the couch watching the latest DVD she has been wanting to see, but you put her off because it was a "chick flick".

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For your Valentine's Gift this year, just try and be romantic.. Get creative. My hubby and I love going out the night before (13th), we feel like we are getting a head start on the celebration, and it is not as busy and noisy, as most nice restaurants gear up for the 14th. Then we spend time together on the actual day at home, away from all the busy spots. Sometimes he forgets the flowers, but is getting better at it now! Especially since I love ANY flowers, they do not have to be roses.

Another great idea, if your finances can afford it. Is a couple of days away. It is the dead of winter on Valentine's day up here (Ontario, Canada), so, sometimes it is nice to go away to a nice hotel with amenities, such as indoor swimming pools, theatres or shopping. You could surprise her with a reservation at such a hotel…

There are many ways to get romantic for a Valentine's Day gift, even if it is last minute. If you are creative and look like you put some thought into something rather than grabbing a box of chocolates on the way home from work, you are more likely to enjoy your evening and have a good time, which is what you are hoping for right?.