Valentine's Day comes around every year and every year that big day comes with gift buying decisions to make. What girls want for Valentine's Day depends on the girl but often traditional and easy to find gifts will work. The best way to pick the perfect gift for your valentine is to know what they want. That can be hard if the relationship is new or she just won't give you a hint.

Cheap Valentine's Day Gifts for a New Girlfriend

If you and your lady friend are newly serious it might be hard to figure out what she wants. An easy out in this case is a card or some flowers. You could buy an expensive present but let's face it … its new and you might not want to spend a fortune on this relationship yet. A nice romantic card and a box of candy is one of the easiest and cheapest gifts for your new girlfriend.

Romantic Valentine's Day Gifts for a New Wife

Are you recently married? Do you want your first Valentine's Day to be a day for her to remember forever? If your new little family has plenty of cash a trip to a romantic destination makes a great and memorable gift. Most newly married couples are strapped for cash and figuring out just what to do is more difficult. Many new wives just want you to remember the day and make an effort. A cheap alternative to an expensive dinner out is a candlelit dinner at home. Sorry buddy but you're gonna have to cook and clean up for this gift. Please don't leave her with a destroyed kitchen and expect a lot of gratitude.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts to Keep the Peace

Ok so you forgot … again. It doesn't have to be the end of the world here. If you've got kids get them to cutting and writing cards. While the kids are doing that you my friend are going to be busy making breakfast, doing the dishes, and any other little thing that you can think of around the house. If you've got a little bit of time you can fall back on the old standby of flowers, candy, and a card. It might be a bit of a sterile gift but maybe you won't get the cold shoulder for a week. Does your gal have a favorite author? Get her a book by him. If you know what your partner would like then your quick trip to the store can be a bit easier than if you are going in cold. Jewelry is always a good option if you have some spare cash. There's nothing like expensive jewelry to make your lady think that you are the most romantic guy in the world.

The best Valentine's Day gift and one that all girls would want is for you to pick up a thoughtful and romantic gift that shows that you know what she likes. I don't know what she likes but it is your job for the rest of the year to figure it out.

-The Top Five Best Valentine's Day Gifts for 2011