There are many guys out there that are really hard to buy for. This is something that drives many women nuts. We are often really easy. Give us chocolates, flowers, teddy bears, and a romantic night and we are thrilled. On the other hand, most guys aren't quite so easy. On the other hand you may find that Valentine's day gift ideas for him might not be so hard. Many guys look great in jewelry and many guys even like it. For those men, you can choose jewelry for Valentine's day gift ideas for him.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him - Watches.
Not all men are watch guys, but many of them will enjoy a good watch if you figure out the perfect one to fit his personality. It is true that watches are something that most of us could use in our lives and finding the perfect one will take a little work. You can find the perfect watches for him for Valentine's day gift ideas.

  • Classy. One option is to choose a classy look for a guy. This is much more of a piece of jewelry than just a functional issue. You can go with a silver or a gold option. You may want to consider gems added to the face of the watch. You can also find a beautiful face with very detailed faces.
  • Simple. Often times simple works well for a guy. This may be a leather wristband with a simple face, it may be a metal band with a simple face, or you could choose a simple plastic or rubber combination with a digital face. When you choose these options you want to look for something that fits the man who will wear it.
  • Wow! The final option is really for the gadget guy. You can get a watch with a million and one different features. If you want to find a great gadget for your geeky man then you may want to choose a watch with a lot of functions.
  • Off the wall. For the man with tastes that are unique and could be described as funky there are a lot of other choices as well. You can get unique colors, faces, and styles that will give this man the thing he wants most, originality. There is a watch out there that is sure to set him apart.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him - Pocket Watches.
Many may put pocket watches in the same category, but there aren't many men who are attracted to them. However, if you guy is into dressing really nice or into finely made items then a pocket watch may be for him. In the same way that there are lots of options with watches you will want to make sure that you are also looking at all the options for a pocket watch. Some are simple, others more detailed. Some don't have much character while there are some that even show the moving parts within. You can also get some that are engraved with images or inlayed with stones. Consider your man's personality when choosing a gift like this.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him - Necklaces.
Watches are something that many guys will appreciate, while a necklace is going to need a special kind of guy. If your man already wears necklaces then you know he will like them. Other wise, he might find your suggestion a little crazy. Take a look at the necklaces that he owns and buy one similar. There are a lot of types out there including simple chains, pendents, beaded necklaces, and even hemp ones. Make sure you are considering his style and his taste. For example a small gold chain is often classy, but a man who likes to wear a suit may find a beaded surfer style necklace a bit off for his taste. At the same time your surfer style boyfriend may find large gold chains or pendent to be a little too much "bling".

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him - Bracelets.
In many cases choosing a bracelet is a little easier than choosing a necklace or even a watch. ID bracelets are classic and always make a great gift for the man who doesn't have one. Try to choose a nice ID bracelet in gold or silver. If you can choose according to their personal taste on that issue.

Other bracelet options commonly include chain bracelets. These are often larger in texture then something a woman might choose, but you don't have to feel limited. Rubber bracelets have really taken off in fashion and your options can also include men's tennis bracelets and there are a lot of different styles offered for leather bracelets. Consider his tastes and style and go from there.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him - Earrings.
Perhaps the hardest jewelry category to choose great Valentine's day gift ideas for him from is the earring category. As a basic rule of thumb, if he doesn't have a piercing (or more) already then earrings or body jewelry is really out. You don't want to buy him something because you think it would look good or because you like guys with piercings.

If he does have piercings already you still want to choose something that meets his taste. Check out what he already has and see if you can get something different in the same style. For example if he wears a captured ball hoop in one ear then you want to get something the same gauge and may consider something with points or other colors. If he is after a little "bling" in his look you may want to get a men's diamond stud earring.

It is important that you consider his tastes when you are looking for Valentine's day gift ideas for him. Jewelry can make a great gift for a man, but you need to make sure that it is done with care. It isn't always easy to find the perfect gift for every man in the jewelry category and it certainly isn't a gift that works for every man (though there are few that do work for every single guy out there).