You may feel frustrated as you are searching for the perfect Valentine's day gift ideas for him, but the truth is that for most guy the answer is you. That's right. You. You make the perfect Valentine's day git idea for him. Oh sure, you probably shouldn't just wear your sweats, talk on the phone and do the same things you always do, but you can make it a very special evening by giving the gift of yourself.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him - Dressing Up.
Men are very visual creatures and they really love dress up time with a woman. This doesn't mean you have to go out and get a naughty maid outfit, but if you want to it certainly isn't likely to be a bad thing. Figure out a special outfit to change into or to wear throughout the evening. You can go with a costume or just something skimpy and lacy. If you don't dress up often, it doesn't even have to be new to be exciting. Make sure you think of everything he likes from your hair to your shoes. If you want to really blow him away then make it all about him and his tastes.

  • Hair. Does he like your hair up? How about wild and crazy? Or is he one of those guys that really loves to run his fingers through your hair? Whatever it is that he likes do it. Consider how he likes to look at it and whether or not he wants to touch it before you style it and add products. After all, if he loves to run his fingers through your hair you don't want a ton of products in it.
  • Make up. In addition to how he likes your hair, consider how he likes your make up. Maybe he has a thing for darker make up even though you never wear it that way or maybe he likes you best without make up.
  • Clothing. Choose an outfit the emphasize the parts of you that he really likes. If he is one that likes what you have to offer up time then your Valentine's day gift ideas for him should include a way of showing off those parts. Same with other parts of you such as your behind and your legs.
  • Stockings. Many guys love stockings, pantyhose, and other sexy and silky feeling leg coverings. If your guy is one of them then now is a great time to dig them out and show them off.
  • Shoes. Wear sexy shoes for him even if your nightie isn't one that really needs them and you are planning on cuddling on the couch and heading to the bedroom. Valentine's Day

Gift Ides for Him - Make the Evening Special
You don't have to spend a lot of money to make the evening special when you are giving the gift of yourself, but you may have to put a little work into it to make it fall into that unforgetable time category.

  • Dinner for two. While it may well fall in the category of giving a man food, having a romantic dinner for two can be really exciting for your guy as well. You can make something nice or have something nice delivered. Dress up in something beautiful, but not something you would normally wear out. Think about the fact that this dinner is just for the two of you and he is the only one who will be seeing you.
  • Movie watching. If your guy likes to cuddle or he likes to watch movies then watching one now is a great option for making the evening special. Pick out a movie that he really wants to see and cuddle up to him while you watch it. You can choose a movie he has never seen or an old favorite.
  • Offer a massage. Giving him a great massage can be a great way for the night to progress. Not only is it relaxing it can be pretty exciting as well and he is likely to enjoy it very much. If it is something you have never done before consider buying a nice massage oil and watching a few how to videos before he gets home.Then make it something he will never forget.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him - The Bedroom.
Once you have the perfect look and have spent a little time together it is time to head to the bedroom. Here you have a great opportunity to consider something a little different which will make all the difference to his Valentine's day. Here are some ideas that might get you started in the right direction for a fun and interesting evening.

  • Play a game. There are several couples games that you can buy or there are some free ones that will help you change up things a bit. If you want a free game then you should search online where you can find several options that are easy to set up and use in your bedroom, living room, or anywhere.
  • Add a touch of bondage. If it is something you are interested in playing with or something that he is interested in playing with you might want to consider just a touch of bondage added to your life. You can get bondage tape for a few dollars or invest in a pair of furry handcuffs for a little excitement.
  • Role playing. Another way to change things up is to role play. This can make a great Valentine's day gift idea for him because it is exciting and different. You can get some great ideas online or you can use your costume to come up with a "role". It is really up to you!

When looking for the perfect Valentine's day gift ideas for him you don't really need to go beyond yourself and a romantic evening that is just for the two of you. This is a Valentine's day gift idea for him that will keep him thinking about it and remembering the evening long after the day has come and gone.