Guys, I know Valentine's Day can be a nightmare, sometimes you just can't decide what gift to get us right? Keep in mind that Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and we want an expression of that love. This year try giving her something unique, a gift that says you truly want to spend time with her. That's all we really want anyway.

The five gifts on the list will provide you with hours of shared enjoyment on Valentine's Day, or any other time. She will be super impressed that you really thought about the gift and invested in something you can do together. These gifts are affordable so you can still take her out to the fancy dinner.

Edible Body Paint $15.95

Edible Body PaintLet her know that she's the sweetest thing in your life this Valentine's Day. After you have taken her out to dinner let her know that there is more in store for dessert. This gift from Personalization Mall is customizable with 3 phrase options. It even comes with a paint brush if you need help with application.

Speak Love, Make Love $29.95

Speak Love Make LoveThis couples game takes communication to the next level. Brought to you by Red Envelope this unique gift promises to provide sensual pleasures. This gift lets her know that Valentine's Day is about her and time spent together. Break out a bottle of wine and simply play the game. Remember guy's this is about giving and receiving so let her win, you won't regret it.

Strip Poker $9.55

Strip PokerTexas Hold'em anyone? She might be a little bummed, when you nonchalantly say you want to play poker, until she see's what you have in mind. This game is brought to you by Amazon and they promise to ship discreetly. Shuffle the deck and let the chips fall where they may. Set your limits, and then raise the stakes, you've both got the upper hand. There is no way to loose this game.

Confucius Say $25.00

Fortune CookieThis hand cast pewter fortune cookie takes take-out to a different level. This gift is from Uncommon Goods and she will love that you thought of it. You can choose between two personalized messages for this gift. Choose, "You are about to embark on a most delightful journey", and then prove it.

Fantasy Coupons $5.00

You Owe Me'sHave you ever wanted to know what your woman really wants? This gift is also from Uncommon Goods and it is a refreshing way to show her she is special. Sometimes it is the small gestures that let us know you are really paying attention. Forget, "IOU's" this year and give her "You Owe Me's." With 30 coupons you can show her she is special every day of the month.

Remember guy's, the majority of the time, we just want to know you thought about it. Let your woman know that you put thought into the gift you get her this year. She will be caught off guard since she probably expects the customary candy or flowers. Those gifts are nice too, it's just what everybody does and you want to be unique. A gift that tells her you took time to plan a great Valentine's Day will keep on giving.