Valentine's Day jewelry is often those cheesy, over priced gold pendants that the jewelry stores always push around this time of year. While jewelry is a classic gift for any woman, here is how to choose a piece that she will wear more than once a year.

Think outside the heart shaped box. Valentine's jewelry doesn't have to be in the shape of a heart. Just the fact that you are giving her a nice present will convey the fact that you love her. Other symbolic pieces of jewelry are the past, present and future ring. This is a three stone setting that can also work as an anniversary gift. Journey diamond pendants are also popular symbols of love because they represent the path you've taken together but they have modern bubble shapes and usually graduated stones in them. Circles represent eternity so an o shaped necklace is a trendy expression of love that she can wear everyday. Another option is to go with an eternity band. This has stones all the way around the ring instead of just on the front so it's symbol of love that also fits in with the trends, she can even wear it as a ring guard or use it as part of her wedding set.

If you do decide on a heart shaped piece of jewelry, make it unusual. Find colorful murano glass or make the heart oversized so it stands out from all the other heart jewelry she may have gotten over the years. You can also make a heart pendant unique by playing with the size of the piece. Go for an oversized piece to make a statement. This doesn't have to be really expensive as long as it's an open heart because this will use less gold or silver.

You can add a personal touch to a basic heart necklace. Place it on a super long chain or forego the chain altogether and go for a velvet ribbon. You can also find sterling silver pieces that have interchangeable gemstones so she can wear the piece that you gave her everyday while still changing up her look. Another new trend is a take on antique style lockets. You can get the front of a flat heart etched with a wedding picture instead of just putting a photo inside the locket. You can also engrave an inexpensive flat heart pendant with the date of your wedding or a favorite poem or saying. This personalizes a generic gift and turns it into a keepsake.

Give her a piece that she can wear everyday because she may be attached the sentiment. An easy way to give a basic heart diamond pendant more versatility is by going with two or three tones of metal. This means that she'll be able to match the piece to her wedding set but also incorporate any new pieces of jewelry into her everyday look.

Know what you are really getting. If this is your first time shopping for expensive jewelry you might want to be aware of what you are paying for, especially if you are going to an expensive store in the mall. Rubies might seem like the obvious choice for Valentine's Day simply because they are red which is the right color for the holiday. Be aware that it's pretty difficult to find genuine rubies on a budget. So if you are getting a large, clear ruby for just a few hundred bucks then look at the tag to make sure that it doesn't say l/c which means lab created. You might have better luck getting a ruby cluster ring because the smaller stones are less expensive but still give you that ruby red color.

Leave room to grow. You can turn your Valentine's gift into a tradition. One year you can start off with a chunky charm bracelet with a heart on it. The next year you can add a different heart for a chic look that takes the guess work out of shopping. Plus, sterling silver is a lot less expensive then gold but you'll still get all the credit of buying a thoughtful gift that she'll love.

Rethink the colors. Go with her favorite colors. This is an easy way to personalize a piece of jewelry. If you choose something that has red & pink together it will probably just scream valentines day & not get a lot of use. Use red garnet with black diamonds for a sexy look that she can wear every day.

Put thought into it. Instead of going for a traditional piece, pick out something in her favorite color or style. This shows that you put actual effort into it instead of just buying the first thing you saw. It's a way to let her know that she is worth thinking about.

Shop well in advance. This way you'll have time to find the perfect piece at a bargain price. You might even find good deals at after Christmas sales if you plan that far ahead. It also gives you the opportunity to order jewelry online, just make sure that you account for extra time in case the shipping process takes longer than expected.

If you can't afford to spend a lot of money on expensive jewelry then go for sentiment. Pay close attention to find a piece that fits her personal style. She may have even mentioned a favorite piece of jewelry that her grandmother had.

Give her something to show off. All of her friends will be comparing gifts at the office on February 15th. Present it to her in a really sweet way so that she has a story to tell. Make sure that it has something special about it like it reminded you of her. If all else fails, remember that diamonds are a girl's best friend.

If you are seriously dating someone, avoid presenting your gift in a small ring box. Even if you've picked the perfect pair of earrings the box can bring a rush of emotion. She'll either be disappointed that you didn't propose, or relieved. Either way your present may go unnoticed. Use a bracelet box, or tie the jewelry around a teddy bear.