Valentine's Day Pet Cards

Do you plan on getting Valentine's Day pet cards for your favorite four legged family member? I know you were thinking about it or you wouldn't have found this article. Well, I have some good news. I have found a site that has the most adorable Valentine's Day Pet Cards that I have ever seen.

Valentine's Day Pet Cards in 4 Easy Steps

The site that I have found for Valentine's Day Pet Cards is Sloppy Kiss Cards. You start out by selecting the card. The selection of cards really is nice. There are many different Valentine's Day Pet Cards to choose from. After you've picked your card (it might take awhile with so many cute choices), then you pick the pet that you want featured in the card. And the last step before previewing and sending the Valentine's Day Pet Cards is to personalize them.

How Much Valentine's Day Pet Cards Cost

You cannot fully view or print out the cards unless you are a member of the site. But you can take advantage of the free 30 day trial. This will give you enough time to print out your Valentine's Day pet cards. If you decide to keep the subscription after that then there is currently a yearly fee of $13.95.

Valentine's Day Pet Cards Not Limited to Cats and Dogs

I like the fact that you can get cards for many different pets; since, not everyone who is a pet owner has a cat or a dog. According to Sloppy Kiss Cards you can also get cards for your "horse, pony, parrot, fish, pig, chicken, mouse, monkey, frog, bunny rabbit, and more!" Umm, I'm not sure about having a monkey for a pet. But I guess their point is that they have Valentine's Day Pet Cards for a wide assortment of animals.

Do Other Sites Have Valentine's Day Pet Cards?

I checked out to see if they also carry Valentine's day Pet Cards. But I did not find any. They do have a small selection of pet bereavement cards as does American Greetings online. But that's not what I was searching for. has a pet section with over 400 cards in it. But none of them are specifically Valentine's Day pet cards. However, you may be able to adapt some to suit your purposes. This might be worth looking into since all of the cards on 123Greetings are free. Blue Mountain also has a pet section. But again, those cards have pictures of pets on them but they are not specifically Valentine's Day Pet Cards.

So, I'm going to have to say that it appears that the main greeting card companies do not currently specialize in Valentine's Day pet cards. So, it looks like Sloppy Kiss Cards is filling a need for many pet lovers. At this time it looks like not only is this site the best one to find Valentine's Day pet cards, it may also be the only one.

Happy Valentine's Day!