Valentines day has become a notorious couple's holiday, causing many single people to openly dislike it. But if you're going to be unattached this Valentine's Day, there are a few things you can do to make it more enjoyable for you. Because everyone knows that if you aren't happy, the next best thing is to be passive aggressive!

- Buy a box of chocolates. Eat it all yourself. Enjoy them.

- Whenever you hear someone mention Valentine's day, complain about the commercialization of the holiday, and let them know that by celebrating, they are only buying into the media hype.

- Drive by all the expensive restaurants in town, and laugh at all the people looking for parking spaces. Drive through a fast food restaurant. Order whatever you want, and eat it.

- If you see someone propose on Valentine's Day, make a face and say under your breath "Oh, because that's never been done before."If the person says yes, tell them you hope they're ready for a life full of dull, boring days. If they say no, smile, wish them a happy Valentine's Day, and leave.

- Go to the store, stand over by the greeting cards, and make noises of disapproval whenever someone picks up a Valentine's Day card.

- If you have any single friends, invite them to a game or movie night at your house.

- Buy a plastic ring, and propose to a random person you come across. If they get flustered and don't answer right away, run away crying.

- Get more chocolates. Eat all of those, too.

- Remind everyone you see celebrating the holiday about the St. Valentine's Day massacre. Give as many gory details as possible.

- If anyone asks about your plans for Valentines Day, tell them you'll be resting up so you can be first in line to get Valentine's chocolate from the stores at 50% off the day after.

Hopefully, you can have a fun valentines day using these tips. Everyone deserves to celebrate the holiday, being single just requires getting creative -and annoying. I hope you enjoy it!