Valentine's Day Getaway

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Create an Unforgettable Valentine's Day Getaway as a Surprise! If you've never really surprised your Valentine with a sneaky getaway that they have no idea about until the time has come – do it this year!

Are you looking for something super special, unique, romantic and a surprise for your Valentine that will be memorable and really different? Does your sweetie really want flowers that may not last longer than a week, the candy that just adds calories and weight if they want to watch those pounds?  Your Valentine more than likely wants YOU as the best gift ever especially if you're both very busy with work or the kids and don't spend enough time together! Give a truly unforgettable Valentine's Day gift with a getaway retreat for you and your loved one. Make plans for an overnight stay at a local hotel for a night or a weekend and surprise your loved one:

Instructions for Valentine's Day Getaway

Things you will need to surprise your Valentine with a romantic getaway:

  • time to get away
  • ability to keep a secret to make it a surprise 
  • hotel or motel room
  • scented candles
  • body lotions
  • romantic music
  • champagne or other beverage of choice 
  • clothing
  • desire for a romantic Valentine's Day 

Make reservations at a nearby motel or local hotel

Planning is key:
You'll want this to be a big surprise for your Valentine.
Call around your own or a nearby city and find a nice motel or hotel to make reservations at the best and most luxurious place you can find and afford. Make a visit to check out the hotel first if you've never been there to make sure it's safe, clean and offers the amenities for you and your Valentine's Day getaway. You won't need much , it's meant to spend time with your sweetheart but, you may want a jacuzzi tub or mini bar included. Usually around Valentine's Day, many of the hotels offer a substantial savings and usually include something free like flowers, dinner, breakfast, chocolates or champagne but, they will book up quickly so plan as early as possible.


Include entertainment

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Entertainment isn't necessary but it can be a way to surprise your sweetheart into thinking this is the big surprise. Try to find a local motel or hotel that has a lounge with free entertainment for the evening. Follow your favorite local bands and check out their facebook page for what's happening. Your loved one will think you'll just be going out dancing  but, you'll know there's much more of the surprise to come!

Get packing for your retreat!

Plan a Valentines Day Getaway


Once you have the hotel reservations booked, decide what clothing items to pack in an overnight bag keeping it sexy and simple for you both. You'll need to pack for both of you but, pack while your Valentine is away so you can keep it a surprise, it's a little sneaky but should work out well later on. Pack simply and lightly so you can try to have only one bag for everything you'll both need.

Don't forget to include the romance: scented candles, body oils, music and some champagne or anything else you'd like to add to your romantic getaway.

Healthy snacks: cheese, fruit, nuts and vegetables

Getting it all ready
Pre-pack the trunk of your car while your Valentine isn't looking and has no idea what you're up to (maybe while he/she is showering).

Present the hotel key


Bring a gift box with a bow on it ready to give and place the hotel room key in it so you can present it to your Valentine later in the evening. Your Valentine will be amazed that you were able to pull off this Valentine's Day getaway surprise! You're so sneaky!


Let the romance begin

Valentines Day Getaway


Enjoy each other:
Spend the evening in the hotel room focusing only on your loved one, no TV allowed. Enjoy your favorite music, a warm jacuzzi bath or shower together with your best body products you've packed, give your sweetie a relaxing massage, have a great conversation while eating your healthy snacks, dance and anything else that comes to mind. Order room service or order your morning breakfast for delivery the next morning. Skip the morning wake up call! Make an unforgettable Valentine's Day weekend getaway for you and your Valentine.

Enjoy an unforgettable Valentine's Day getaway with your sweetie!

Do Not Disturb - Valentine's Day Getaway

Do Not Disturb:
Put out the hotel or motels 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the door so you won't be bothered by housekeeping or other distractions!

If your sweetie would love jewelry, flowers, lingerie, candy or other gift feel free to bring it along and present it at a special time!

Make adjustments to this romantic Valentine's Day getaway to personalize it the way you and your sweetie would like. Use your imagination and start planning your romantic Valentine's Day getaway soon! I hope you do it and that you'll both enjoy yourselves.

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