Romantic Gift Ideas for your Sweetheart

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Do you wonder every year what to buy your sweetie, love, lover, best guy or gal, your husband, your wife, your Valentine for Valentine's Day?

Some people really have a difficult time with this holiday of romance and it doesn't need to be difficult, stressful or break the bank with some thoughtful creativity on your part.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - Plan a Romantic Date

The Valentine's Day Gift of a date doesn't have to be something that you wouldn't enjoy. That wouldn't make for a very nice time for you and therefore, not very nice for your sweetie.

Think of a date that you would both enjoy. Go to the park to sit on a bench and watch the water, the ducks or the snow. Be adventurous, plan a getaway.  Being together is a big part of this holiday that many people seem to overlook.

Make plans to go to a movie with your Valentine's favorite actor/actress. Choose one that you would like as well unless you want to be miserable throughout the entire movie!


Make a Valentine Snack Basket

What snacks or foods does your Valentine like? Is it chocolate, licorice, fruit, coffee, cookies, chips, beer nuts? Why not create a gift basket with all his/her favorite snack items. It's easy to find a basket or other container, put tissue paper in to the top rim and load with all those goodies and a big bow.


Make a Valentine Meal

Cook your Valentine his/her favorite meal for them, especially if it's not something you do often. If you were to surprise your Valentine with a homemade meal including a little candle and glass of wine he/she will be happy that you were so thoughtful.


Go Skating for Valentine's Day

Plan to go skating with your Valentine for a unique and fun way to be together and have some exercise at the same time.


Plan a Valentine's Day Getaway

Choose a location that is easily accessible, affordable with many amenities (or none) and have the entire weekend all planned out as a huge surprise for your favorite Valentine. It's a very thoughtful gift to make all the arrangements for time away from it all so that the two of you can just be together. Plan a Valentine's Day Romantic Getaway 

Buy a Sterling Silver Locket as a Valentine's Day gift

Add a photo of the two of you into a bright and shiny silver locket for a romantic idea for a Valentine's Day Gift idea that will surely be loved and appreciated every time it's worn!


Plan a Skiing Trip

A skiing trip can be planned just for two or you could include some other couples that enjoy skiing, hanging out at the lodge and drinking hot cocoa or other beverages of your choice. Think safety and plan a cab or designated driver.

Give a Gift Certificate to your Valentine

Find his/her favorite salon and purchase a gift certificate for any number of services. Or create a gift basket of favorite salon products and include the gift certificate inside. Go shopping online for a host of great salon products and gift certificates for Valentine's Day without having to leave home to make your job even easier.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas can be easy to think of when you think of the person you're giving it to. If jewelry, dinner and chocolates are not your style, do something different. Use your imagination and think of other ways to show your love and appreciation on this most romantic day of the year!

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