Valentines is usually spent with boyfriend and girlfriends. However, do not forget that there is another woman in your life that will do anything for you. She’ll give her life for your and actually put her life in the line just to have you, your mom. It’s about time you also remember her during Valentines. Below are some gift ideas for your mother.


Yours and Hers Jewellery

Whoever said that a ring or a necklace may only be shared by lovers? Remember that you were once connected to your mom physically and you will be forever connected to her emotionally. It would be good to give her something that will serve as a symbol of your connection with her like a Yours and Hers Jewellery. Go to Amazon for Mother and Child Jewelleries.

Check out some of the photos below.


Valentine Gifts for Mothers and Sisters


You may opt for a couple heart pendant. It would be nice if you can engrave a message there. You may also go for a puzzle bracelet. A puzzle bracelet is actually made of two bracelets that when joined together complement each other and form one bracelet but may also be worn apart. There are other options, just click the link above.

Just make sure to always wear it whenever you see so she’ll know you really mean giving her the gift and that symbol is something you take seriously.


Portrait of you and your mom

Get her favourite photo of you and her or her with you and your siblings and have it sketched or painted. I do not advise that you to a store to find some fly by night artist that will simply copy the photo you gave. You need someone that will really interpret your photo and put a unique touch into it. You can go to and look for artists there that paint. Deviantart is a site where visual artists display their work and many Hollywood production companies source out talents there. Many artists there accept paid work.

Once you find the artist that you like, get in touch with him or her and ask for his rate and how long it will take for him to deliver the work. Some artists, especially the more established ones, will ask for deposit. Transactions are usually done through paypal.

You need to have it done now because some artworks take time. Oil painting, for example, takes at least a month to dry. Since they will have to ship it to you, you will need time for this one. Pencil, water color, charcoal and others don’t take as long.


Edit Your Home Videos

If your parents took a lot of videos of your family while you were growing up, this is the time for you to edit them. Choose songs that have a special meaning for you and your family and use that as a background of your video. If you don’t know how to edit, you can ask a friend or friends of friends. For something like this, someone will edit it for less than $100.

You may go for a totally melodramatic mood or something funny. If you have a bit of a budget, you may also add some animation there.

I also would suggest that you end the video with a message from you and your siblings. Just tell her things you haven’t gotten the chance to tell her. Thank her for raising you, apologize for your mistakes and even make silly promises.

You may also opt to end it with a funny song and dance number with your siblings.  


Make Her Your Valentine

Instead of taking your boyfriend or girlfriend out on Valentine’s day, why not date your Mom. Make her your Valentine and do things that SHE wants to do instead of things that you want to do. For example, you can go to a concert of her favourite singer. It will most likely be an old singer but go ahead and watch it with her. If she wants to go to the spa and parlor, go with her. Just indulge her. You do things for your girlfriend and boyfriend even if you don’t like it, it’s time you do it for your Mom too.


Bags and Accessories

Mothers are also women who like shopping for clothes, bags and accessories. Give her what she wants and give her more than one. For example, you can go to Amazon for bags that are less than $25. Buy her four or buy her one and fill it with make up, wallet and other items you know a girl would love.

Below are some Amazon that are less than $25.. Check them out.


Valentine Gifts for Mothers and Sisters(126577)


Bags, clothes and accessories are timeless gifts. These are things a woman would never say no to. If you’re a girl, you love receiving gifts like this even if you have a lot of it already. Then your mother is no different. She’d love these.


Bake or Cook for Her

It’s your turn to feed her. Bake or cook for her. Make the dishes that she really likes and for once, serve your mother. If you want, you can also gather all her favourite food for that day even if it means you have to go around different restaurants and fastfoods. Bring it over to her house and spend the day with her eating with her and lounging around. Tell her that you’ll stay with her the whole day and just watch movies with her, clean the house, help her do the laundry or go to the grocer with her.

Just do whatever it is that she wants to do with you. Don’t forget to fill her in the latest happening in your life. She’s the greatest girlfriend you can ever find because no matter what you tell her, no matter how bad the things you have done in the past year, you can always be assured that she will never judge you or love you less.

Valentines is less than a month away. Go and start preparing for what you want to buy for her.   


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