If you are looking for homemade Valentine gifts ideas for your kids to make, here are five great options.  All of these ideas are easily created at home for little or no additional expense as you may already have the necessary ingredients on hand.  What would be better than the personal touch from little fingers?  Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and teachers would all appreciate receiving one of these gifts on February 14th.


Materials needed: large sheet of paper, pencil, scissors, and a crayon or marker.

Directions: Have your child lay one of his arms out flat on the piece of paper, trace around from armpit to top of shoulder.  Then have them move over enough that the second arm lays close enough to where the beginning and ending of your first trace starts that eventually you can connect the two.  Trace around the second arm.  Cut around trace marks making a long strip with a hand at each end.  Use the crayon or marker to personalize with a message, signature, or drawing.  These hugs can be folded up small enough to fit inside and envelope and mail to loved ones too far to deliver in person.

Heart Shaped Sugar Cookie

Materials needed: Sugar cookie dough (you can make your own or by the pre-made), large baking sheet, icing, and optional edible decorations.

Directions: What makes this cookie special is its size.  Roll out the cookie dough a little thicker than normal to make it easier to handle.  Trace around a paper heart and then gently fold dough over to make it easier to move to the baking sheet.  Once on sheet unfold to let bake in the heart shape.  Once cool be as creative as possible with decorating.  It can be as simple as sprinkling colored sugar or as elaborate as writing a poem with edible gels.

Heart Sun Catcher

Materials needed: Clear contact paper, construction paper, colored tissue paper or colored sugar, and a scissors.

Directions: Cut the construction paper to make a frame with a heart-shaped center.  Lay a piece of contact paper larger than the open heart space, but smaller than total construction paper size sticky side up.  Either sprinkle the colored sugars over the area or lay small pieces of torn tissue paper on it.  Cover with another piece of contact paper sticky side down.  Sandwich the colorful creation in between the two construction paper frames.  Hang in the window.

Handprint Hearts

Materials needed: Washable tempera paint, paint brush, paper.

Directions:  Paint both of the child’s hands on the palm side.  Press first hand palm down onto paper.  Press the second hand palm down so the base of the hand prints overlap and the finger prints aim up in a V creating a heart shape.

Lipstick Bouquets

Materials needed: Paper, pink and/or red toned lipsticks, green crayon or marker.

Directions:  Have child kiss lipstick prints onto upper half of a sheet of paper.  Use the crayon or marker to draw stems and leaves.

Each of these gift ideas will be sure to warm that someone specials heart.