Show your husband how much you love and appreciate him by designing a personalized sign for Valentine's Day. Surprise your significant other by attaching the romantic, nostalgic or humorous poster across a wall, doorway or window with temporary adhesive so he'll see the message on the romantic day. Include personal touches to the Valentine sign remind your significant other of your bond and the times you've spent together.

Love Notes

Design a series of tiny Valentine signs using self-adhesive notes or scraps of card stock that you can post in unexpected places. In addition to simple "I Love You" or "Happy Valentine's Day" notes, personalize some signs with specific reasons why you love your husband and why you enjoy being married to him. Leave the notes on his morning coffee cup, on the bathroom mirror, on his car steering wheel or along the hallway, for example. Embellish the notes with heart-shaped stickers, pen doodles or rubber-stamped images as a decorative touch.

Present Poster

Create a decorative Valentine message poster that also serves as a way to present your husband's Valentine present if you're giving him sports tickets or a gift card, for instance. Create a pocket to sit in the center of a poster board by cutting a piece of card stock so it is half as tall and 2 inches wider than the tickets or gift card. Apply strips of double-sided tape along the sides and bottom of the card stock and press it onto the sign. Slip the gift into the pocket. Decorate the Valentine poster with photos from previous Valentine celebrations, Valentine-related clip art images and embellishments such as Cupid-shaped foam stickers, rubber-stamped hearts or flower-shaped chipboard accents.

Poetry Banner

Express your love with a flag-style sign featuring a variety of love poems, Valentine's Day quotes or love song lyrics. Write or print the Valentine poems, quotes or lyrics onto pieces of colorful card stock or Valentine-themed patterned paper before cutting the paper into seasonal shapes such as hearts or flowers. You can also cut paper into letters to spell your husband's name and write the poems onto the letters afterward. Connect the shapes or letters by tying them to a piece of ribbon or string and hang the banner where he'll see it first thing on Valentine's Day or during your romantic Valentine celebration.

Story Sign

Turn an inexpensive piece of butcher paper sold at teacher supply and craft stores into a nostalgic Valentine's Day sign that takes your husband down memory lane. Use markers, crayons or colored pencils to decorate the Valentine poster with colorful text. Write messages such as your inside jokes, anecdotes from vacations, family gatherings and adventures you've shared together. If desired, add memorabilia to the poster with a glue stick or double-sided tape such as ticket stubs, old love notes, take out menus from favorite restaurants or note cards from flower bouquets. Use the Valentine's sign for your husband to remind him of the reasons why you fell in love and why you're looking forward to the future.