Valentine's Day is coming soon. Everyone is making plans for that special night that comes only once a year. Have you thought about watching a Valentine movie? A movie for two filled with scenes of star-crossed lovers may be just what you need to get the night rolling towards the more intimate stuff. This is especially a good idea if the thought of your night surrounded by others doesn't appeal to your sense of needs, you know what I mean? An intimate Valentine movie is a great idea for the night. A movie for two people to share alone with a few drinks of wine can lead to a night of passion. If this idea sounds great to you, then here are some suggestions of your viewing pleasure.

My first choice would have to be Pretty Woman. The reason I like this idea so much is because it is more than just a chick flick. Men will enjoy this Valentine movie just as much as the women. A movie for two should include the desire for both people to actually want to view it, and I believe that there aren't many men who wouldn't want to spend a few hours watching Julia Roberts perform. For the ladies, Richard Gere can hold his own. So put something sexy on and pop this into the DVD, you will not regret it.

Pretty Woman (36870)

My next Valentine movie choice is for the same reason, it has got some manly hardcore military action it, plus it is filled with just the ending that you desire. In the Officer and a Gentleman, these two characters have to find themselves before they can give anything to anyone else, but once they do; they find that is was the journey that ultimately pulled them together. This Valentine movie stars Debra Winger and Richard Gere in a love story that will have you tossing your hat up in the air too. This is one movie that shows a man that honor and commitment can be sexy too.

Who could forget about Titanic? An Academy Award winning film about two people from different sides of the track coming together in a perfect union. These two lovers meet by fate during there voyage on the open sea. This is an excellent Valentine movie choice that stars Leonardo DiCapro and Kate Winslet. It is action packed and filled to the brim with romance and a never-ending love. It entertains as well as inspires those that become engrossed in the unfolding of this love story. This is one movie that you will want to watch time and time again.

TITANICThe Notebook

The young and older couples will really enjoy The Notebook. This is yet another story where a poor man falls in love with a rich woman. This Valentine movie starts near the end of the life for these two lovers and the beginning as well. During his older years, Noah is played by James Garner, and his wife Allie is played by Gena Rowlands. As a young couple, John is played by Ryan Gosling, and Allie is played by Rachel McAdams. Allie is in a nursing home and Noah resides there with here by his side. She does not remember their love story. He tells her the story of how these two lovers met, and deep down inside she knows that he is talking about the two of them. It is one worth watching for that love everlasting feeling.

If you are looking for a Valentine movie with a comedic twist, then look no further than the 50 First Dates. This is a funny movie about a womanizing veterinarian and a beautiful amnesiac starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. In this movie, Lucy suffers from a fictitious form of amnesia and can't remember anything that happened the day before. Her memory is stuck on the day right before an accident that led to her impairment, and she relives this day everyday. Henry realizing what is going on with Lucy, has developed strong feeling for her unbeknownst to him. Coming to grips that he has fallen in love with Lucy motivates him to pursue a first date with her over and over again. In the end love has a way of fixing all things, and it is no different for this couple. This is a hilarious movie for two that you both will enjoy.

50 First Dates (36876)Twilight (36877)

For the younger couple, there is no Valentine movie quite as good as Twilight. The color of red for roses is also the color of blood, and a bite is what Edward must resist surrendering to while being tempted by the beauty of Bella. Thrilling action coupled with heart pounding passion make this a must watch movie for two on Valentines Day.

There are many Valentine movies out there to choose from that are fantastic, however, it is my belief that these are the best contenders for the top of the list. So if you want to watch a movie for two, pick one of these and have a passionate Valentine's Day.